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Seiko Watch Corporation (President & CEO: Akio Naito, Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) is pleased to announce that from Friday, October 20, two limited-quantity models from the Art Piece Collection that express the world view of tanka with engraving will be released. The suggested retail prices are 4,840,000 yen (tax included) and 4,950,000 yen (tax included).

This watch was inspired by tanka, a unique culture of Japan spelled out in 31 characters. Both tanka, which expresses beautiful scenes and the movement of the author’s heart in short words, and watches, which express small dials, have in common that they can express a beautiful worldview in a limited space. A new piece of the “Art Piece Collection” that resonates with these two will appear this fall.

≪Product Features≫

Kana Nagao, a goldsmith who inherited the skills of Kiyoshi Terui, a goldsmith who received an outstanding technician (a modern master craftsman) in 2002 and the Medal with Yellow Ribbon in 2007, expressed the delicate and beautiful world of tanka with engraving on the dial. We use a precise technique called “silk finishing” that is created by adding very fine lines by hand, and “nanako” that carves continuous fine circles.

It is a model based on a song that is said to have been sung at the twilight of late autumn because he was impressed by the way the leaves of the ginkgo tree fluttered in the sky like a small golden bird.

“In the shape of a golden chihisaki bird, ginkgo tree in the setting sun oka”

Akiko Yosano〖Love Clothes〗

The base of the dial is the brand’s first red agate to express the red sky. A plate made of gingko leaves die-cut in silhouette and a plate engraved with small bird and ginkgo leaves are layered on top of each other to create a deep and three-dimensional shape.

It is a model based on the motif of a song that is said to have been sung with hope and joy for living from the stars shining prominently toward oneself seen through the window from the hospital bed.

“In the midst of countless stars, there is a star shining towards Go.”

Masaoka Shiki〖Takenosato Song〗

Lapis lazuli is used as the base of the dial to express the night sky with countless stars shining. On top of that, a plate with a silhouette of a snowflakes and snow ring pattern that expresses falling snow is layered, and a plate with engraved snow flower and snow ring pattern. In addition, the star that shines brightly is represented by a delicately carved white butterfly shell at 11 o’clock.

The movement is powered by the ultra-thin mechanical movement “calibre 6890”, which is only 1.98 mm thick. The 68 series movement was developed not only for the performance of a watch but also for the most beautiful craft value for the finest dress watches produced in Japan. At Shizukuishi Luxury Watch Studio (*1), highly skilled watchmakers consistently handle everything from assembly and adjustment to casing. Since the accuracy of each part is required to correct the shape and adjust the tension (the gap required between the parts), the final finishing is performed only with the watchmaker’s hand. Even a skilled watchmaker can assemble only one to two movements a day.

From the back lid with a see-through back, you can enjoy the beautiful movement with a deep and vivid blue tempered finish (*2) screw.

<Credor> was born in 1974 as a luxury dress watch brand with rich individuality based on the sensibility of Japan people and the exquisite technology. APTLY NAMED CRÊTE D’ OR, WHICH MEANS “GOLDEN PEAK” IN FRENCH, THE MOVEMENT IS CAREFULLY SELECTED FROM EACH AND EVERY DETAIL OF THE CRAFT, POURING THE SKILLS OF MASTER CRAFTSMEN INTO EACH AND EVERY DETAIL TO PRESERVE ITS BEAUTY AND QUALITY.

≪Product specifications≫

< Credor > Art Piece Collection Mechanical Limited Edition


Product number



 Suggested retail price (tax included)

 JPY 4,840,000

 JPY 4,950,000


18K yellow gold

Platinum 950 





 Red agate (engraving)

 Lapis lazuli (engraving, white butterfly) 


Dual curved sapphire glass (inner non-reflective coating) 

 Dual curved sapphire glass (inner non-reflective coating)

 Waterproof performance

for daily lifewaterproof

for daily lifewaterproof

Case Size 

[Outer diameter]30.0mm (excluding crown and protrusions) 


 [Outer diameter]30.0mm (excluding crown and protrusions) 


Limited Quantity

3 bottles

3 bottles

Expected release date 

October 20 (Fri)

October 20 (Fri) 

Other specifications

[Movement specifications]

Mechanical movement Calibre 6890

Hoisting method Manual winding

Time accuracy Daily difference +25 seconds ~ -15 seconds

Power reserve: approx. 37 hours at maximum winding

Number of stones: 22

Frequency: 21,600 vibrations/hour (6 vibrations/sec)

Goldsmith Kana Nagao

*1 Shizukuishi Luxury Watch Studio

Located within Morioka Seiko Industries Co., Ltd. (Shizukuishi-cho, Iwate District, Iwate Prefecture), we consistently carry out everything from parts manufacturing to assembly.

Established in 2004, it is one of the leading workshops specializing in high-end mechanical watches in Japan.

*2 Tempered finish

It refers to the blue color of the oxide film formed on the surface by burning iron. The color of the oxide film varies greatly depending on the temperature and heating time.

Therefore, it is necessary to stop baking at the moment it turns a deep and vivid blue, and skilled craftsmen carefully polish the base one by one by hand.

It is baked so that the color is uneven.

Inquiries from general customers

Seiko Watch Corporation Customer Service Office (Credor)

0120-302-617 (toll free)

< official website address of the > Credor

< Credor Art Piece Collection Mechanical Limited Edition Special Page>

* The information in this release is current as of the date of publication.

Please note that it is subject to change without notice.

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