From FURLA, the refreshing mint color limited watch “FURLA ICON SHAPE MINTY” will be released exclusively at TiCTAC affiliated stores on Wednesday, March 22!


The FURLA ICON SHAPE MINTY is a gorgeous seasonal watch that refreshes spring and summer outfits. The milky pastel mint-colored belt and combi color case create a gorgeous impression and a sophisticated hand.

The mint-coloured watch adds an elegant nuance to the outfit and lifts the mood. Since it is a color that suppresses assertiveness, it matches both feminine style and adult casual.

The belt is decorated with studs with the Furla arch logo. Add glamour to a simple design. The Furla logo worn everywhere balances casualness and elegance.

In the spring/summer season, when the outfit becomes lighter and there are more eyes on the hands and arms, “FURLA ICON SHAPE MINTY” will be released in limited quantities at TiCTAC affiliated stores and TiCTAC online stores nationwide on Wednesday, March 22.

In addition, TiCTAC affiliated stores have started handling FURLA JEWELRY.

To commemorate the start of JEWELRY handling, we will hold a special fair. Customers who purchase FURLA jewelry at participating TiCTAC stores will receive a FURLA Muette & Fragrance. Please take this opportunity to visit us.

1. Mint color
Wear trendy mint colours to give your styling an urban feel. Add a playful look.

2. Studs on the Furla icon
Decorated with studs with the Furla arch logo on the belt. Add glamour to a simple design.

3. Block logo on the dial
Furla block logo placed on the dial. You can recognize your brand at a glance.

■Product number:WW00032015L5
■Price: 28,600 yen (tax included) / 26,000 yen (tax not included)
■Quantity: Limited to 100 pieces
■Release: Wednesday, March 22, 2022
■Sales location: TiCTAC affiliated stores nationwide, TiCTAC online store
■Furla Watch & Jewelry Website Special Page:

≪ specs≫

Quartz / Stainless Steel / Leather / Water Resistant to 5 ATM / Case Size W29.5mm×H29.5mm

WW00032015L5 28,600yen (tax included) / 26,000yen (tax not included)  WW00032015L5 28,600yen (tax included) / 26,000yen (tax not included)  

■Event period: Wednesday, March 22, 2023 ~ * Ends as soon as it runs out
■Venues: 10 TiCTAC affiliated stores nationwide (Tic Tac Sapporo Stellar Place store, Tic Tac Sendai Parco store, Torque Shinjuku Lumine store, Tic Tac Ikebukuro Parco store, Torque Yokohama Lumine store, Tic Tac LaLaport Ebina store, Tic Tac Nagoya Takashimaya store, Junx Lukua Osaka store, Tic Tac Kobe store, Tic Tac Fukuoka Parco store)
■Gifts: Muette & Fragrance
“Muette” that you can enjoy by spraying scent, and “FAVOLOSA” fragrance of FURLA for women who live with charm and joy
■Furla Watch & Jewelry Website Special Page:

FURLA watches

FURLA watches are the embodiment of the brand’s creativity, high quality and attention to detail.

Like the bag, it is finished according to the characteristics of the material, and they work together to create a harmony of “Furla design” that can be seen at a glance.

The high-quality leather used in Furla products is the pride of the Furla brand, and like the bags, all Furla watches are made of premium Italian leather (calf). We use 90% sustainable Italian leather produced under strict quality control in consideration of the environment and recycle 99% of the waste generated during the tanning process.

With its contemporary design and high-quality handwork, it shares the Italian aesthetic with the world and colors people’s lifestyles all over the world.

Features of the FURLA watch

(1) Made of sustainable leather
The high-quality leather used in Furla products is the pride of the Furla brand, and like the bags, all Furla watches are made of premium Italian leather (calf). Made of environmentally friendly and strictly quality controlled Italian leather. 90% of our leather is sustainable leather (made from cow hides raised for meat) and we recycle 99% of the waste from the tanning process. In addition, wastewater from the tanning process is purified to a level 65% lower than the legal standards in Japan.

(2) Furla Arch, the symbol

The “Furla Arch” is a new symbol that symbolizes the history and success story of the Italian brand.

The “Furla Arch” represents the love for Bologna, where it was founded, and the wonderful architecture of Italy. It represents the world-famous Bologna Portico (a porch structure with a roof supported mainly by columns) and the door frame of the historic building built in 1880, the headquarters of Furla. It represents the history and worldview of the history and modern Italian spirit, skilled handiwork, creativity and entrepreneurship.

FURLA Brand Overview

Furla is a global brand with roots in Bologna, Italy.
Furla was founded in Bologna in 1927 by Aldo Furlanetto and looked to the future with craftsmanship that had been steadily built up over time, as well as refined elegance and originality.
In the brand’s DNA, it never loses its unique Italian aesthetic and creativity.

1927 Founded in Bologna by Aldo Furlanetto

1955 First store opened in Italy.

1990 Landed Japan

2017 Celebrating 90th Anniversary

2019 Furla Arch and new logo unveiled

2020 Furla and Timex Group sign watch licensing agreement

Ueni Trading signs exclusive Japan import agency agreement with Timex Group for Furla watches

Japan Import Agent: About Ueni Trading

A trading company specializing in fashion, mainly in the fields of watches, cosmetics, and clothing.

We handle many famous overseas watch brands such as “Timex” in the United States, “Versace (watch)” and “Furla (watch)” in Italy, “Zeppelin” in Germany, and “Ted Baker” and “Henry London” in the United Kingdom. We are a leading brand distribution company that is familiar with a wide range of channels such as department stores, select shops, home appliance stores, and various specialty stores, and boasts transactions with 800 corporations and 8,000 stores nationwide. In 2022, we started handling “adidas Originals” watches.

You can buy Luxury Brand Watches safely and ship securely through Personal Shopper Japan buying service.

Please let us know which item do you need, then we can send you the quote and you can start the secured shopping.

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