From the German watch “ZEPPELIN”, Japan’s first series “Night Cruise” will be released on June 17th (Friday)! –PR TIMES

“Night Cruise” series Japan’s first “Night Cruise” is a dramatic series with the theme of “airship night trip”.
The hands and indexes covered with luminescent paint shine mysteriously at night, reminiscent of the “elegant and fascinating night view” seen from the sky in the early 1900s.

The “7264-3” of this work is a sporty type mechanical watch that was not developed in the Japanese lineup. The screw-down crown is water resistant to 20 bar and is an adventure companion.
Sony “wena 3”

Sony’s “wena 3 metal Silver” is mounted on the buckle. Not in the conventional “Zeppelin”,
It has a notification function and a function that supports multiple electronic money such as “Suica”.
And “Amazon Alexa” is also built-in, and it is possible to get weather forecasts and news, operate home appliances, etc. just by talking inside and outside the house.
In addition, “wena 3” has advanced functions for estimating stress level and remaining energy.

The “wena 3” is housed in the buckle of a metal bracelet and has a smart design with no decorations or protrusions. The gentle arch fits around your arm.

Limited set of “ZEPPELIN” and “wena 3” The second is the classical watch “Zeppelin” with the motif of a German historic airship, and Sony’s “wena 3” which “makes an analog watch a smart watch”. The “100th Anniversary Series x wena 3”, which was released in advance at the watch specialty store “TiCTAC” in April 2022 as the first Japanese limited set, was a big hit. Sales of ZEPPELIN at the stores where “TiC TAC” was released in advance recorded 16 times that of last year. There was a response that greatly exceeded the planned value for both store visits and sales.

And the second one to welcome.
Expectations are high for the fusion with “Night Cruise”, which is the “first” in the Japanese lineup.

“Japan’s first landing series” “Official online shop only” “Analog and digital fusion”.
Why don’t you make your life more comfortable by incorporating a special Japanese limited set with triple time signature into your life?

Product features 1. Japan’s “first” landing series
The diver’s type series, which has never been developed in Japan until now, is now available for the first time.
* This set product cannot be used as a diver’s watch due to its waterproof performance.

2. Fluorescent paint that emits light in the dark
Luminous paint that emits light in dark places is applied to the hands and indexes.
Maintains visibility even in dark places.

3. See-through back that allows you to enjoy the movement of the drive unit
The movement is equipped with MIYOTA 9015.
The case back is see-through, so you can enjoy the movement of the rotor.

4. Electronic money functions such as “Suica”
You can use various electronic money compatible with Osaifulink, such as Suica, Rakuten Edy, iD, and QUICPay, just by holding it over.
Since the battery lasts for a week, it reduces the stress of running out of battery and daily charging compared to smartphones.

5. Equipped with “Amazon Alexa”
You can talk to Alexa at home, on the go, or anywhere.
Alexa will tell you various things such as weather forecasts, questions, news, turning on home appliances, etc. with text display.

6. Estimate stress level and body energy level by various wellness management
In addition to the number of steps, calories burned, maximal oxygen uptake (VO2 Max), and depth of sleep, the dual optical sensor catches fluctuations in heart rate. Fine health management is possible with a wristwatch.

7. You can check the schedule, smartphone notifications, etc. just like checking the time.
You can check SNS such as LINE, email, phone notifications, schedules, weather forecasts, alarms, etc.
Information that is indispensable in daily life can be checked and operated without taking out the smartphone.

8. Find a watch with “MAMORIO”

9. You can lock and unlock your home in cooperation with “Qrio Lock” etc.

Product Overview ■ Series name: Night Cruise x wena 3
■ Product number: 7264-5-WENA
■ Price: ¥ 89,100 (tax included) / ¥ 81,000 (tax excluded)
■ Release date: June 17, 2022 (Friday)
■ Sales location: Official online shop
■ Official website special page:

■ Specifications:
≪Specifications of the latest work “Night Cruise” ≫
Made in Japan Automatic movement MIYOTA 9015/20 ATM water resistant / Luminous (number / index) / Case size 42 mm diameter

≪Sony “wena 3” specs≫
Smart watch function (Suica / Amazon Alexa / wellness function, etc.) / 5 ATM water resistant
* This set product cannot be used as a diver’s watch due to its waterproof performance.

7264-5-WENA ¥ 89,100 (tax included) 7264-5-WENA ¥ 89,100 (tax included)

7264-5-WENA ¥ 89,100 (tax included)


A quality-first German watch with an airship motif.

① A quirky design inspired by an airship
Inspired by the airship’s body, the dome glass, cylinder dial, and zeppelin-shaped case are each designed with a curved design that draws a soft arch. Therefore, you can enjoy different facial expressions depending on the refraction of light.

(2) Quality and quality that is particular about basic performance
While embodying the quality of a German watch, it is highly evaluated for its cost performance.

③ Harmony with various styles
Zeppelin watches are said to be attractive because they are easy to match with various styles, from suits to office casual watches. A dressy timepiece that can be useful regardless of whether it is on or off.

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Based on the achievements and know-how cultivated as an importer and wholesaler, we will expand the business of Japanese authorized distributors and original brands.
“Timex” from the United States, “Furla (clock)” “Versace watch” “Spinnaker” “Hydrogen watch” from Italy, “Zeppelin” and “Duffa” from Germany, “Henry London” and “Sara” from the United Kingdom Many with a wide range of business models, such as developing “Angel Heart”, “Angel Clover” and “Pelle Morbida” as a manufacturer, while acting as the sole agent in Japan for “Mirror London”, “Ted Baker”, “Kelton” in France, etc. We are developing the brand of.

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