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Fujitsu FMV LIFEBOOK GH77 / T in the (Office Home and Business Premium equipped) FMVG77TW

¥ 137,000

◆ throughout your entire home anywhere you like style
in the 15.6-inch large wireless display, disposal of the high-performance of the body throughout your entire home anywhere. Sometimes, as a tablet. Sometimes, as a personal computer. Also enjoy decorating as a photo frame. Three styles. It is, a new style of personal computer.

◆ as high-performance large-screen tablet
15.6-inch large wireless display. Enjoy as a tablet, you can use free high-performance of the body throughout your entire home anywhere. So, the Internet and Windows app is not only light, editing videos and photos, such as the playback of Blu-ray Disc, can be done simply could not be in a tablet of until now.
※ in the range body is visible, (recommended within 3m) use a range of wireless display up to about 30m, use a range of keyboard and mouse is up to about 10m. However, depending on the installation environment and conditions, it may not operate even within the operating range.

◆ If you use a portable television as of
My Cloud, in cooperation with the recorder on the same network, so as to carry a portable TV, recorded programs in your favorite place you can enjoy. Family is all right even look at another program in the living room TV. At any time, it can be seen in the hand of the recorded program has been reservoir-recording. Memory slot (free): 0 / memory slot (maximum): 2
MS have Office installed
communication function: 10/100 / 1000Base built-in
Model: 2015 Spring
touch panel support

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Returned for multiple purchases. Fantastic service once again. Turnaround time …

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