German-founded stuffed toy brand Steiff’s Japan-only series “Little Santa” 25th theme is “Noel” Limited to 1500 bodies, pre-order sales start on Friday, September 16, 2022-PR TIMES

Japan limited series “Little Santa”

“Little Santa” is a teddy bear that has been announced as a Japan-only Christmas model every year since 1997. Every year, we change the motif and release it, and the cuteness of the design is very popular. The first work was announced in 1997, and this year will be the 25th work.

Little Santa 1997Little Santa 1997

The theme for 2022 is “Noel”

This year’s theme, which marks the 120th anniversary of the birth of teddy bears, is “Noel,” which means Christmas in French.

The character “Noel” expresses Christmas in a slightly different way from last year’s design, which produced Christmas with Santa hats, capes, and holly motifs.
The name Noel is derived from the Latin word “Natalis,” which means birth, and is a suitable keyword for the 120th anniversary of the birth of the teddy bear and the 25th anniversary of Little Santa.

The mohair color is based on white, which expresses the word “innocence” associated with “birth”. The milky brown color of the hoodie muffler, which serves as an accent, is a harmonious color that complements the color of the bear body and the gold brooch. The bear’s expression is a little innocent and is conscious of a newborn baby.

Features of Little Santa 2022 “Noel” brooch with crystal
Noel’s brooch with crystals is accented and can be removed. The warm hoodie muffler can be wrapped lightly or tied tightly to give volume around your face, and you can change it according to your preference.​

■ Gold embroidery on the bear’s feet
The year “2022” is embroidered on the right leg, and “Little Santa” is embroidered on the left leg.
The embroidered foot uses a classical cursive font that has never been seen before, and the gold embroidery thread is used to create a cute yet mature atmosphere.

■ Steiff’s trademark on the ears

A trademark of Steiff that inherits the tradition, “Button in Ear”.
There is a tag with red letters on a white background that indicates a limited edition.

Product details

Sales country: Japan only
Limited number: 1500 bodies

Product number: 679186
Price: ¥38,500 including tax (¥35,000 body price)

Size: Width 15.5cm Depth 10cm Height 25cm
Weight: about 580g
Material: Mohair, Polyester, Polycarbonate

Steiff created the world’s first teddy bear

“When you think of teddy bears, you think of Steiff.” The world-famous stuffed toy brand was founded by Margarete Steiff (1847-1909), who was born in the small town of Kingen in southern Germany in 1847. When she was one year old, she contracted polio, crippling her right hand and both legs, and spent her life in a wheelchair. Now in her 20s, Margarete founded Steiff’s predecessor, the Felt Mail Order Company, to sell women’s and children’s clothing.

In December 1880, Margarete decided to give elephant-themed toys to her nephews and nieces for Christmas. Soft elephant toys filled with felt and the finest wool inside were given as toys to children and as needle sticks to adult women, and were well received. This was the birth of the world’s first stuffed toy. The year 1880, which triggered the creation of stuffed animals, is considered the year Steiff was founded. Margarete’s nephew Richard, who has been helping with the business since 1897, proposed to Margarete to make a “real stuffed bear”. This is the 55PB, the world’s first teddy bear. 55 is the size of a bear, P is “Plüsch” (German for stuffed animal), and B is “Beweglich” (German for movable). In this way, an elegant stuffed toy with movable neck and limbs and using the finest materials was born.

The teddy bear caught the eye of an American buyer and Steiff received an order for 3,000. In the United States, a big boom of teddy bears occurred. Even now, more than 120 years after its founding, its deep affection for children, enthusiasm for continuing to make only genuine products, and commitment have not changed. The high-quality and cute world view continues to be loved by people all over the world.

The highest quality trademark “Button in Ear”

“Button in Ear” is a tag attached to the left ear to prove that it is a traditional masterpiece that has been carefully handcrafted by German craftsmen. The limited edition teddy bear comes with a certificate of authenticity engraved with a serial number.

■ Standard product​

Can be attached to standard products (hard type).
During the catalog publication period, there is no limit to the number, and it will be produced according to the order.
In addition to the product number, the tag also shows the material of the product.

*From 2022, it will be changed to a new ear tag.
(tags cannot be specified)

It can be attached to standard products for babies and children.
During the catalog publication period, there is no limit to the number, and it will be produced according to the order.

■ Limited edition

It is attached to limited products with limited production numbers, such as region limited, quantity limited, year limited, etc. In addition to the part number, the tag also displays the production year and production number (serial number).

■ Replica

Attached to replicas of Steiff products from the early 1900s. In addition to the part number, the tag also displays the production year and production number (serial number).

Teddy bears are a staple of European baby gifts

In Europe, it is customary to send a teddy bear as a baby gift when a baby is born. Receiving a “real” teddy bear as a gift, which is not easily damaged, is considered to be a status in itself, so that you can cherish it not only as a child but as a lifelong friend. Among them, Steiff is so popular that it is said that “Steiff for baby gifts” in Europe and the United States. The reason for this is that all of our products are made with the commitment to materials, meticulous stitching, and world-class quality control that we have cultivated through stuffed toy making. Baby & Kids products are inspected to the same standards as food, so there is no need to worry if children accidentally put them in their mouths. Not only is it cute and fashionable, but it is an item that all children, from newborns to small children, can carry with confidence.

How a Steiff product is made

1.Discerning product design

Steiff values ​​the “natural cuteness” inherent in animals. Production begins with a sketch. Many sketches of the animal’s appearance, gestures, and movements are made, and from those sketches, the concept of the product, detailed design, size, etc. are discussed until we are satisfied. Then, we create a pattern that will be the basis of the three-dimensional stuffed toy, and select the perfect material from among the carefully selected materials to express it as a product.

2.high quality materials

Steiff products use high-quality natural materials such as mohair and alpaca, as well as new materials that are safe and durable. The selected material is cut according to the pattern, faithful to the coat, and sewn by hand by craftsmen. Stuffed stuffed animals are stuffed with materials suitable for the product, such as cotton, wood wool, and polyester, and then carefully shaped.

3.craftsman’s handiwork

Steiff’s companions are created one by one by craftsmen’s handiwork, so even products with the same part number have slightly different facial expressions, and no two have exactly the same features. Every Steiff product is steeped in history and love, is extremely durable and has an eye for detail. That’s why Steiff products are “friends for life” and can be passed down from parent to child and from child to child.

About Steiff Japan/MS1880

Since 2014, MS1880 Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the import, wholesale and retail of Steiff products, as well as store planning and operation consulting as Steiff’s general agent in Japan. The company name “MS1880” is derived from the initials “MS” of the founder Margarete Steiff and the year “1880” when Steiff was founded.

【Company Profile】
Company name: MS1880 Co., Ltd.
Representative: Manabu Nishimoto, President and Representative Director
Location: South Aoyama Tech Building, 3-13-24 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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