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Stylish design and functional interior space, a model that expresses delicate craftsmanship and a modern and fashionable personality among MINIs.

BMW Japan will start selling the limited edition MINI Clubman Final Edition, the final model of the one-of-a-kind MINI Clubman, at authorized MINI dealers nationwide Japan limited to 320 units nationwide. Delivery is scheduled for October or later this year.

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The MINI Clubman, which is part of the British premium brand MINI, realizes a stylish design and functional interior space, and is a model that expresses delicate craftsmanship and a modern and fashionable personality in the MINI lineup.

The first BMW Group model of the MINI Clubman was born in 2008, evolved into the second generation in 2015, and changed the design of the second generation model in 2019. The popularity of the MINI Clubman in Japan worldwide is high, especially the current second-generation model, which is liked by many Japan.

[13 photos]The final model of Clubman, the first generation was born in 1969!

The history of the MINI Clubman began 54 years ago in 1969. In the first model, although it is a 2-door model, it has space to carry hunting guns and luggage in the rear, and is based on the concept of a shooting brake mainly used for hunting in the UK.

It has been explosively popular with its unique world view and meticulous design, but the most original design is the split door with the left and right gates in the luggage space part opening outward, which makes it possible to smoothly load and unload luggage.

◆ Manufacturer’s suggested retail price (tax included)
“MINI Cooper S Clubman Final Edition” = ¥5,540,000-
“MINI Cooper SD Clubman Final Edition” = ¥5,670,000-
・The above manufacturer’s suggested retail price is the accessory price, tax (excluding consumption tax), insurance premium,
The price of the vehicle itself, which does not include various costs associated with registration. In addition, the “Automobile Recycling Law”
Based on, a separate recycling fee is required.
・Right-hand drive and AT specifications.
・ The breakdown limited to 320 units is 60 units of MINI Cooper S Clubman Final Edition with the exterior color Enigmatic Black, 40 units of MINI Cooper S Clubman Final Edition with the exterior color Nanoku White, 140 units of MINI Cooper SD Clubman Final Edition with the exterior color Enigmatic Black, The MINI Cooper S Clubman Final Edition with the exterior color nanoku white will be available in 80 units.

The MINI Clubman, which has long fascinated and loved people since the BMW Group began handling the MINI brand in 2001, will finally come to an end with the current model. The last limited edition will be produced in a limited edition of 1,969 units worldwide, of which 320 will be introduced to the Japan.

With the launch of the Clubman Final Edition, MINI Clubman celebrates the curtain on the history of MINI Clubman, which has created a unique design by appealing to the spacious interior space where the family can spend comfortably, in addition to the aesthetics and original silhouette that have been passed down since its birth, based on the concept of “aesthetics never fade.”

The exterior color of the limited edition MINI Clubman Final Edition is available in two colors, MINI Yours Enigmatic Black and the popular Nanuk White, which have a high affinity with the MINI Clubman universe, and the accent color is Shimmer Copper, which is reminiscent of the exclusive color copper.

The graphic pattern around the radiator grille, cross bars, exterior stripes and 18-inch alloy wheels is unified with shimmer copper, giving the entire exterior an elegant depth and classic look.

The pinstriped design at the bottom of the side doors highlights the stretchy body of the iconic Shooting Break concept, while the bonnet and split doors are similarly designed to make it recognizable as the Final Edition from any angle.

The bonnet and split doors each feature an asymmetrical design with stripes on only one side. The “1 of 1969” logo, which means one of the 1969 cars limited to the world, is installed on the C-pillar and side scuttle* and, together with the “Final Edition” lettering on the split door, indicates that it is one of the most valuable in the world.
*: The Side-Scuttle logo is only “1969”.

The interior of the limited edition MINI Clubman Final Edition is specially equipped with MINI Yours leather seats with an edition badge on the shoulders. The seats are finished in the Final Edition’s exclusive dark maroon, with blue contrast stitching adding stylish accents.

In addition, the seats are equipped with electric seats with driver’s seat memory function and seat heaters, which are suitable for the last limited edition MINI Clubman car. The interior trim also uses the exclusive color Shimmer Copper as an accent, unifying the entire interior in a calm brown tone.

Matte sage green and shimmer copper trim strips harmonize interior surfaces with a “1 of 1969” badge on the passenger side, providing the exclusive interior space of the Final Edition. The rear door sill is decorated with the lettering “1 of 1969”.

In addition, the floor mats are fitted with pin batches with the “1 of 1969” logo reminiscent of copper coins, the vehicle keys are equipped with shimmer copper to match the accent color, and a special graphic pattern and the “1 of 1969” logo are three-dimensionally designed.

◆ Main special equipment contents of “MINI Clubman Final Edition”
Body color: Enigmatic Black or Nanoku White
Black Roof and Mirror Cap
Final Edition Nappa Leather Steering
Piano Black Exterior
Final Edition Velour Floor Mat
Headliner Anthracite
18″ Alloy Wheel Final Edition Spoke 2 Tone
MINI Yours Leather Lounge Dark Maroon
Interior Surface Final Edition Shimmer Copper
Electric front seat with driver’s memory function
Rear View Camera/Parking Assist
Active cruise control with stop-and-go function
Navigation System
Driving Assist (front vehicle proximity warning function, collision damage mitigation brake,
Lane Departure Warning (Lane Departure Warning)/Comfort Access
Electrically adjustable & electric foldable auto-dimming door mirror/auto-dimming rearview mirror
ITS spot compatible ETC on-board unit system / armrest (front)
Storage Compartment Package
Seat Heaters (Front/Left and Right) / MINI Excitement Package
MINI Driving Mode/Light Package/SOS Call
Teleservice/Smartphone Integration (Apple CarPlay)
Wireless Charging/Multiple Display Instrument Clusters

◆MINI Clubman Final Edition Product Related Website
MINI Clubman Final Edition Model Page:
MINI Clubman Special Page:

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