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The all-road bike “Guava” by NSN Ventures, co-founded by soccer maestro Andres Iniesta. A special domestic launch was held on June 6, and it was a great success.
The demonstration bike exhibition will start at Rafa Tokyo on Saturday, June 17. From June 24 (Sat) to June 25 (Sun), an exhibition is also scheduled at the Vissel Kobe Official Goods Shop. The following is from the press release.

Adapts to all road surfaces, from road to rough gravel

From Guava Bike, a new bike brand from Spain Japan we would like to inform you about the start of pre-orders for limited models and the launch event. From fully custom handmade bikes to bikes used by the World Tour team, produced by members who have been involved for more than 25 years. The investment is co-founded by soccer maestro Andres Iniesta (hereinafter referred to as “Iniesta”) NSN Ventures (hereinafter referred to as “NSN”). And as a domestic producer, former Rapha Japan representative Daisuke Yano is working on it.

The Guava bike is an all-road model of Spot that adapts to all road surfaces from road to rough gravel and uses a carbon frame. Available in three different specs. Off-white and Iniesta models with handlebars, stems, seatposts and rims made of aluminum parts. The handlebar and stem are black models composed of integrated carbon parts. The interior cable, down tube tool case storage, dedicated tool case, and through axle are engraved with brand messages and other details such as original specifications.

The Guava Spot Allroad is the perfect bike for free cyclists who want to take a detour out of the “usual” when commuting in the concrete jungle, and who find a good gravel while riding in the mountains and try it out. It is designed for those who want to fully enjoy cycling life regardless of genre.

Iniesta Special Models

List price: 658,680 (tax included)
Frame: Carbon, special paint with Vissel theme
Handlebar/Stem/Seatpost: Aluminum
Components: SHIMANO GRX600/800
Wheels: Volte 28mm aluminum

Standard Model

List price: 548,900 (tax included)
Frame: Carbon, matte off-white/turquoise logo
Handlebar/Stem/Seatpost: Aluminum
Components: SHIMANO GRX600/800
Wheels: Volte 28mm aluminum

High-end models

List price: 704,000 (tax included)
Frame: Carbon, matte black / turquoise logo
Handlebar/Stem: Integral Carbon
Seatpost: Carbon
Components: SHIMANO GRX600/800
Wheels: Volte 28mm High Modulus Carbon

Benefits for customers who purchase

・ Invitation to a special launch event where you can meet Iniesta (schedule is being adjusted, venue will be in Kobe).
・ Special jersey signed by Iniesta.
・Invitation to Iniesta’s last match as Vissel Kobe between Vissel Kobe and Consadole Sapporo (Saturday 1 July, Noevir Stadium Shinto, first 14 people).

Exhibition Schedule of Sample Bikes

June 17 (Sat) – June 30 (Fri): Rapha Tokyo
*On June 17 (Sat) and June 18 (Sun) 12:00 to 15:00, former Rapha Japan representative Yano will attend.

●June 24 (Sat) – June 25 (Sun): Vissel Kobe Official Goods Shop
*Former Rapha Japan representative Yano attends

Guava Bikes Official Website

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