Harley-Davidson Exhibits Latest X350 and X500 Models Japan Fastest Time: HARLEY-DAVIDSON X Café Opens in Harajuku, Tokyo for a Limited Time – Car Watch

X500 (left), X350 (right)

Harley-Davidson Japan will open the HARLEY-DAVIDSON X Café, a pop-up café that will showcase the latest X350 and X500 models in Japan for a limited time from October 21 to 29 in Harajuku, Tokyo. The shop is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. during the period.

The X350 and X500 are fashion, lifestyle-conscious lightweight urban commuter models that will make their Japan debut in October. The X350 adopts a tracker style, the X500 adopts an American roadster style, and the X350 has a displacement of 350cc, and it will be a Harley that can be ridden with a so-called “middle man” “ordinary motorcycle MT license”. Details of the Japan specifications, including the price of both models, will be announced on October 20.

At the “HARLEY-DAVIDSON X Café”, which will be open for a limited time, motorcycles and apparel are available while enjoying coffee and limited sweets limited to the venue. There will also be a special tank art work created by Max Schaaf and NUTS ART WORKS.

The café offers a drink menu of coffee, latte, lemonade, sangria, and cocktails, as well as a limited number of Harley-Davidson original donuts. It will be a venue-exclusive doughnut that incorporates the Open Bar and Shield logo as part of the special donut design.

Then, on October 28, a special party was held to celebrate the debut of the X350 and X500 and Halloween. Harley-Davidson’s new start will be celebrated with visitors.

In addition, questionnaire respondents who visit the venue during the café period will be selected by lottery to win Harley apparel and Harley goods on the spot.

Limited edition of Harley-Davidson Original Donuts

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