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If you want to give a woman a luxury ladies’ watch, Chopard’s “Happy Sports” is recommended. If you know the features and charms of each series, it will be easier to find the one that pleases you. Introducing how to choose happy sports and popular models.

Happy sports

Happy sports that embody Chopard’s creativity

Chopard’s Happy Sports is a collection that was born in 1993. It is a women’s watch that embodies the creativity of the brand, which also has the ability as a prestigious jeweler.

“Moving diamonds” that decorate the dial

The bold and unique feature of Happy Sports is the “moving diamond” inherited from Happy Diamonds.

Moving diamond

Chopard’s representative ladies’ watch, Happy Sports, which inherits the spirit of Happy Diamonds, is equipped with moving diamonds. The appearance of moving around on the dial lightly is entertaining to see.

The diamond moves freely between the two sapphire crystals that make up the dial. The appearance of ballerinas dancing around the board has captivated many women.

There are many variations in the shape of dancing diamonds such as stars, moons, and hearts. One of the attractions is that it is easy to find your favorite design.

Spirit of liberty

Happy Sports is a watch that expresses the “spirit of liberty.” The diamond, which is released from the pedestal and moves actively, can be said to be a symbol of an approach that is not bound by preconceived ideas.

The combination of stainless steel and diamonds is also a novel idea that Happy Sports has actively adopted for the first time.

Under Chopard’s “joy of living and free spirit”, Happy Sports has produced more than 1000 models so far. All of them are free and open watches that overturn the code of watchmaking and jewelry.

Series representing happy sports

Happy sports are divided into several series due to their different characteristics. Let’s take a look at the charm of a typical series.

“Happy Sports Sun Moon and Stars” featuring a crescent motif

“Happy Sports Sun Moon and Stars” is a series featuring diamonds with the motif of the sun, crescent moon, and stars.

Happy Sports Sun Moon and Stars

“Happy Sports Sun Moon and Stars” where the sun, the moon, and three stars run around, not all the common motifs. Diamonds are set on the moon and stars, and the expression of the sun is also noteworthy.

It is equipped with a mechanical self-winding movement developed by making full use of watchmaking technology. The types of designs used for moving parts vary from model to model.

A watch that symbolizes the brand’s boldness and creativity, it is a representative model that is highly popular with active women.

Classical and elegant “Happy Sports Oval”

“Happy Sports Oval” is a series of Happy Sports with an impressive oval case. The diamonds that move along the curve on the board are beautiful.

Happy Sports Oval

“Happy Sports Oval” featuring an oval-shaped case that draws a smooth curve. Seven diamonds run elegantly on the dial.

The supple and feminine bracelet and the curves that make you feel fluid create a classical and elegant atmosphere.

It is also attractive that various variations are available, such as models with jewels set on the bezel and models with leather straps.

Introducing popular models of Happy Sports

In the history of about 30 years since its birth, countless variations have been created from Happy Sports. Let me introduce three recommended popular models.

“Happy Sports The First”
Happy Sports The First

Chopard “Happy Sports The First”
Automatic winding (Cal.CHOPARD 09.01-C). 27 stones. 25,200 vibrations / hour. Power reserve of about 42 hours. SS case (diameter 33 mm). Water resistant to 30m. 1,254,000 yen (tax included).

“Happy Sports The First,” which pays homage to the original model of the collection, is a limited edition model that appeared in a new case size with a diameter of 33 mm.

The machine has also been redesigned and equipped with its own self-winding movement, Caliber 09.01-C. A part of the internal mechanism looks out from the back cover.

The rounded silhouette, lively diamonds, and pebbles-like “galley” bracelet are elements that inherit the original characteristics.

“Happy Sports Oval”
Happy Sports Oval

Chopard “Happy Sports Oval”
Automatic winding (Cal.CHOPARD 09.01-C). 27 stones. 25,200 vibrations / hour. Power reserve of about 42 hours. 18KRG x SS case (length 31.31 x width 29mm). Water resistant to 30m. 1,892,000 yen (tax included).

The classical and elegant “Happy Sports Oval” is a luxurious combination model that uses 18K ethical rose gold and stainless steel for the case material.

The flowing guilloché and moving diamonds in the center of the dial enhance the beauty of the oval shape. The caliber 09.01-C, a proud movement, can be viewed from the transparent case back.

The unique design with soft curvaceous beauty will bring a special aura to the woman who wears it.

“Happy sports”
Happy sports

Chopard “Happy Sports”
quartz. 7 stones. SS case (diameter 30 mm). Water resistant to 30m. Limited to 100 in Japan. 579,500 yen (tax included).

This 2021 model is a Japan-only edition of Happy Sports. Five brightly colored stones perform a light dance on the board.

The white calf strap combined with the white dial is accented with red stitching. The case size is 30 mm, which fits easily on a woman’s arm.

Since the movement has a built-in quartz type, it is also attractive that it does not require the trouble of winding the mainspring.

Happy Sports is a feminine orthodox ladies watch

Chopard’s Happy Sports is a full-fledged ladies watch that expresses the spirit of liberty. It features a moving diamond that dances smoothly on the dial.

The fact that there are abundant models that adopt the mechanical type is also a nice point for discerning groups. Check the individuality of each watch and find an attractive one.

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