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Minami Hamabe wearing Hublot's


Beautiful Color
Featuring gorgeous colors!

A timepiece that brings glamour to everyday life with basic beauty that you will never get tired of looking at. The sunray-finished dial and the familiar nuanced colours that adorn the strap are a result of Hublot’s focus on color.

Watch “Big Bang Beige Diamonds”[SS × Diamonds, Alligator× Rubber Strap, Case Diameter 38mm, Quartz, Japan Limited]¥1,584,000 (Hublot/LVMH Watch & Jewellery Japan Hublot) One Piece (Stylist’s Personal Belongings)

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Minami Hamabe wearing Hublot's


My Basic
My standard that I want to wear every day

From the dial to the strap, case and indexes, it is unified in one tone of silver color that matches any outfit. Monochrome colors create a chic hand. Although small, it is equipped with an automatic movement.

Big Bang One-Click Monochrome Steel Diamond[SS× diamond, alligator× rubber strap, case diameter 33mm, automatic, limited to Japan]¥1,771,000 (Hublot/LVMH Watch & Jewellery Japan Hublot) One piece (personal belongings of the stylist)

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Luxury & Sporty
Luxury and sportiness
The perfect balance to color your style

Hublot’s unique king gold for elegant glamour and pure white diamond case. Which of the beautiful timepieces would you choose?

Watch (right) “Big Bang One Click King Gold White Diamond”[King Gold × diamond, rubber strap, case diameter 33mm, automatic]¥3,366,000 “Big Bang One Click Steel White Pavé”[SS× diamond, rubber strap, case diameter 33mm, automatic]¥2, 684,000 (2-piece Hublot/LVMH Watch & Jewellery Japan Hublot)

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Synonymous with ever-evolving “Ragspo”
Active yet infinitely elegant: Hublot’s Big Bang luxury sports watch. Featuring unique materials such as colored ceramic and rubber, it has continued to fascinate people with its bold and modern design since its debut in 2005. It is also equipped with a “one-click system” that allows you to easily change the strap. Recently, the long-awaited small 33mm size has appeared, making it even more attractive. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes to find your favorite that suits you best.

Minami Hamabe wearing Hublot's Spirit of Big Bang


A pinch of dramatic crush

When dressing up, it’s nice to dare to use a unique design! New this year’s model is a compact size that fits on a delicate wrist. The tonneau-shaped form further accentuates the stylish charm of the Big Bang. The contrast of glossy king gold and black adds a dramatic accent to the minimalist dress.

Spirit of Big Bang King Gold Pavé[King Gold× diamond, rubber strap, case diameter 32mm, automatic]¥4,444,000 (Hublot/LVMH Watch & Jewellery Japan Hublot) One piece (personal belongings of the stylist) Hat ¥69,300 (Entourfein)

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Minami Hamabe wearing Hublot's Spirit of Big Bang


Sweet & Mode
I want to do something cool even in pink!

Lunch ♪ on the terrace with fashionable friends On such a day, a pink ceramic case watch docked with loveliness and a sense of mode gives you a special presence. Because it’s a liberating holiday, enjoy the exciting all-pink coordination!

Watch “Spirit of Big Bang Pink Ceramic Titanium Diamond”[Ceramic× titanium× diamond, alligator× rubber strap, case diameter 39mm, automatic]¥2,552,000 (Hublot/LVMH Watches, Jewellery Japan Hublot) Pullover hat (both personal items of the stylist)

Hublot's Big Bang One-Click Steel Rainbow


The crystallization of craftsmanship
The uplifting feeling of everyday life

In the driving scene at the end of the vacation, you have a rainbow-colored watch that brightens your mood at hand behind the wheel. The gem setting with fine color gradients is also superb.

Watch “Big Bang One Click Steel Rainbow”[Titanium× Ruby× Pink Sapphire× Amethyst× Blue Sapphire× Topaz× Tsavorite× Yellow Sapphire× Orange Sapphire, Alligator× Rubber Strap, Case Diameter 39mm, Automatic]¥9,306,000 (Hublot/LVMH Watch & Jewellery Japan Hublot)

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Clean & Elegant
An elegant piece with dignity

Outstanding colors of gray and khaki, and mother-of-pearl shine elegantly in “Classic Fusion”. It has a calm atmosphere but asserts individuality.

Clock (clockwise from top) “Classic Fusion Titanium Racing Grey Diamond”[Titanium × diamond, alligator × rubber strap, case diameter 33mm, quartz]¥1,221,000 “Classic Fusion Pearl White Diamond”[Titanium× Diamond, Alligator× Rubber Strap, Case Diameter 33mm, Quartz, Japan Limited]¥1,232,000 “Classic Fusion King Gold Green”[King Gold, Alligator× Rubber Strap, Case Diameter 33mm, Quartz]¥2, 068,000 (all Hublot/LVMH Watch & Jewellery Japan Hublot)

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Classic meets elegance
Based on a design inspired by the porthole, “Classic Fusion” inherits the DNA of Hublot’s founding. With its simple appearance, the round watch has been a beloved symbol of elegance among Hublot timepieces. Nuanced colors and other calm colors are also available, creating a “personality of the person”.

Minami Hamabe wearing Hublot's


Be intelligent, intelligent.

With diamonds surrounding the beautiful navy gradient dial, this timepiece is a neat gem suitable for an office.

Watch “Classic Fusion Titanium Deep Blue Diamond”[Titanium × diamond, alligator× rubber strap, case diameter 33mm, quartz, Japan only]¥1,221,000 (Hublot/LVMH Watch & Jewellery Japan Hublot) Blouse ¥176,000 (Mikako Nakamura / Mikako Nakamura Minami Aoyama Salon)

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―Special Interview-
While having a special presence
A timepiece that blends into everyday life

“When I put it on, it had a very strong presence, and I was surprised that it was gorgeous just by the watch.”

Actress Minami Hamabe wore Hublot’s masterpieces “Big Bang” and “Classic Fusion”. The model that attracted me the most was the gentle color of the Big Bang Beige Diamond. I often wear small watches in plays, but gorgeous watches are fresh and very nice. It’s comfortable to wear and seems to complement a simple outfit.”

During the shoot, my eyes also sparkled with the rich colors and unique forms of Hublot. “Watches and jewelry give me energy and courage just by looking at them, and they are like amulets that invite me to the future. I feel that it is nourishment for the mind.”

In the midst of busy days when 24 hours a day is not enough, I sometimes want to go on a trip by myself someday. “If I happen to have a free day, I’d like to go out with just one bag, and I’d like to take this tonneau-shaped ‘Spirit of Big Bang’ with me. I usually wear monotone

There are many clothes, so sharp designs such as straps accented with vertical lines and square forms are perfect! I am also fascinated by the beauty of the vivid king gold and diamonds.”

As you visualize the situation, the number of watches you want to wear increases. “My father loves watches, but when I was little I wondered what was different, but every Hublot watch has its own personality and charm. Now I understand my father’s feelings about collecting it (laughs).”

●Contact: LVMH Watch & Jewellery Japan Hublot tel.03-5635-7055

Official website LINE Instagram

Photos:MASASHI IKUTA[hannah](model), SHINMEI[SEPT](still)
Hair Styling:TETSU[SIGNO] Make-up:ASAMI TAGUCHI[Home Agency] 

Published in the August issue of 25ans (released on June 28, 2023)

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