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At machi-ya, which is currently operated on CAMPFIRE, a project for a near-future writing instrument “Hoverpen 3” is underway. This time, we will introduce the same product that combines design and functionality.
Floating and rotating “zero gravity” pen “Hoverpen 3” is a writing instrument that floats and rotates as if it were weightless. It floats on the pedestal while maintaining an angle of 30°, and when you twist the main body, it will quietly and smoothly rotate for up to 30 seconds. This rotation seems to bring calmness and concentration.

Accurate technique and control are required to balance the pen diagonally within the magnetic repulsion ring of the asymmetric base. Therefore, the product was produced under strict control by professional craftsmanship and production control team.

Writing instruments that float and rotate on an asymmetrical pedestal are likely to show their beauty and presence on your desk.

Ballpoint pen? Fountain pen? In addition to design, we are also particular about functionality as a writing instrument.

The nib can be freely replaced with three types: a ballpoint pen, a fountain pen, and an 18K fountain pen. If it’s a fountain pen, you can choose the tip size, so you can get the one you like.

A ballpoint pen provides a silky feel, while a fountain pen provides a stable, high-quality writing experience. The perfect size and solid feeling of the main body, and the satin-finish coating that fits comfortably in the hand are also points.

In addition to the specifications that aim for a “lifetime product”, it is also possible to use commonly distributed ballpoint pen refills and fountain pen ink, and it uses aircraft grade materials so that it can be used as a “lifetime product”. It’s also a feature.

At the time of writing this article, a ballpoint pen and base set starts at 15,600 yen, a fountain pen and base set starts at 18,400 yen, and a fountain pen replacement nib (pen tip) is available for 3,500 yen. all tax included). In addition to silver and black, the main body is available in limited blue, and the pedestal is available in silver and black.

The project will run until Sunday, September 25th, and the product will be shipped by January 2023.

“machi-ya” project page

(Text by Higuchi)

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