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Sophisticated design is attractive, but after-sales service is a concern for the import of housing equipment. Especially in the kitchen, accidents such as breakdowns have a great impact on people’s lives.

Cleanup, a pioneer of Japan system kitchens, will sell the Japan-limited edition domestic model Valcucine JP “iaponica” of the Italian luxury kitchen brand Valcucine nationwide. The company handles everything from installation to maintenance.

Italy’s “Valcucine” loved by the world’s wealthy

Valcucine is a kitchen brand that was born in 1980 in the Venetian Giulia. The combination of various materials such as glass and natural stone, and the artistic designs of Italian craftsmen are loved by wealthy people around the world.

Valcucine JP will be Valcucine’s second Japan-only brand.

The overall design was supervised by Gabriel Centasso, founder and designer of Valcucine. Cleanup will jointly develop and produce products.

With the start of nationwide sales, we have established a system that can consistently respond to planning, sales, installation, and after-sales service at Cleanup sales offices nationwide.

Although it is an overseas brand product, it can respond quickly and delicately, which is unique to the company’s domestic production model, which has a long track record as a manufacturer specializing in kitchens.

It is a domestic standard product that inherits Valcucine’s design philosophy, and has realized shortened delivery times and import costs. It is said that it is a kitchen that combines Italian “aesthetics” and “technology” of Japan to create the most supreme kitchen ever.

“Valcucine JP” tailored to the living conditions of the Japan

Among the stylish designs that are finished flat, the one that catches the eye is the “belt line” that draws a horizontal line at the bottom of the worktop.

Cleanup’s strength is the “beltline” made of colored stainless steel, which emits a delicate shine and enhances the artistry.

While embodying the Italian aesthetic, it has practicality tailored to Japan needs. Heating equipment, faucets, dishwashers, etc., it is possible to plan according to the lifestyle of Japan person.

In addition, Cleanup’s unique hydrophilic ceramic special coating “Bicoat” is also used in Valcucine JP, and a functional sink with Japan quality that is easy to remove dirt is incorporated.

We have a lineup of quartz stones such as Caesar stone, which is popular in Japan, ceramics, artificial marble, stainless steel, and various other materials.

Valcucine JP exhibition booth set up at Cleanup Office

In addition to the Valcucine showroom in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, special booths for actual exhibits will be set up at the Cleanup sales offices of Kitchen Town Tokyo, Kitchen Town Osaka, Kitchen Town Nagoya, Sapporo Showroom, Kobe Showroom, and Fukuoka Showroom.

Although it is an overseas product, Valcucine JP promises quality and support of domestic standards. If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen, it’s worth considering.

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