Japan limited edition Nordace Siena Pro “All Black” is now available.

In response to requests from business users for a bag with a chic and modern design rather than the best-selling lightweight business backpack Siena Classic, we have decided to use an all-black specification with all the tags, zippers, straps, etc. in black. The design that puts everything together in black fits the business scene.

With the addition of functions such as water resistance and chester belt, it has become a business backpack that has been further brushed up from the conventional Siena Classic.

・Water resistance

It is made of water-resistant fabric, so no matter what environment you go to, it will protect you from moisture.

・ Secure all the necessary space
You can carry a lot of luggage when commuting to work or traveling. There are many pockets, so it’s easy to organize.

・Easy to charge

With an external USB, you can easily charge your smartphone by connecting your mobile battery.

・Chester Belt

Chester belt prevents backpacks from slipping off. In addition, it suppresses shaking when walking and does not put a burden on the shoulders and lower back.


Extendable key ring included. It helps you spend less time searching for your home or car keys.

・Luggage strap

Comfortable airport transportation! Simply hook the luggage strap to the handle of the carry-on.

Protect your laptop

Pocket for a 15.6-inch (16-inch Mac Book) laptop. You can also store electronic devices such as tablets.

・Electronic theft can also be prevented.

It has a card slot with RFID blocking function to protect the personal information stored on the cards.

Ergonomically designed comfortable straps. The length is also adjustable, so you can freely change it according to the body shape of the user.

・Size: Approx. width 28.5 cm× height 42.5 cm×depth 18cm

・Weight: Approx. 1Kg

・Capacity: Approx. 20L

・Laptop storage: 15.6-inch and 16-inch MacBook

・Material: Polyester & Microfiber

External USB port (without mobile battery)

Beverage bottle pocket

・Water-resistant fabric

* Specifications are subject to change.

Vertex sells Nordace Siena Pro All Black in its physical stores.

[Brick-and-mortar stores]

・Maruzen Japan Bridge

・Maruzen Marunouchi Main Store

・Junkudo Namba

・Junkudo Koriyama

・Maruzen Urawa Isetan store (stationery specialty)

・Maruzen Unimo Chiharadai

・Maruzen Tachikawa Isetan store (stationery specialty)

・Maruzen Okayama Symphony Building

・Maruzen Hiroshima Mitsukoshi store (stationery specialty)

・Junkudo Asahikawa

・Maruzen Tsudanuma

・Junkudo Niigata

・Maruzen Matsumoto

・Junkudo Morioka

・Maruzen Suiji Keisei

・Maruzen Atré Omori store (stationery specialty)

・Maruzen Tama Center

・Maruzen Lazona Kawasaki

・Maruzen Nagoya Main Store

・Maruzen Kyoto Main Store

・Junkudo Osaka Main Store

・Junkudo Matsuyama Mitsukoshi

・Maruzen Hakata

・Junkudo Naha

・Maruzen Takashimaya Osaka

・Tsutaya Bookstore Niigata Chuo Inter

・Tsutaya Bookstore Nagaoka Shinho

・Tsutaya Bookstore Sado Sawada

・Tsutaya Bookstore ⻑Oka Koshoji

・Tsutaya Bookstore Shibata

・Tsutaya Bookstore Niigata Bandai

・Tsutaya Bookstore Koide

・Tsutaya Bookstore Takeo Inter

・Tsutaya Bookstore Isesaki Moro

・Tsutaya Bookstore Maebashi Minami Mall

・Tsutaya Bookstore Foleo Iris

・Tsutaya Bookstore Hitachinaka

・Tsutaya Bookstore Sendai Izumi

・Tsutaya Bookstore Honjo Waseda

・Tsutaya Bookstore Higashimatsuyama

・Tsutaya Bookstore ⻑Oka Hanazono

・Tsutaya Bookstore Takada

・Tsutaya Bookstore Across Plaza Tomizawa

・Tsutaya Bookstore Ryugasaki


・Tsutaya Bookstore Sakudaira

・noi LAVORO atré Kichijoji

・LUTECE Chapeau Funabashi

・ILS Chofu Parco

・L Kalmia Toyohashi

・LUTECE Meguro store

・LUTECE Hibarigaoka Parco
・M’s Expo Morioka Stationery


・TSUTAYA Utsunomiya Minami

・Miomio AEON MALL Yono

・Miomio Mosaic Mall Kohoku

・TSUTAYA Sendai Arai


・Kochan Pho Kitami

・Seibunkan Bookstore Minowa

・Seibunkan Bookstore Shin-Toyota

・Heiando Wakatsuki

・Heiando Nagano

・Heiando Azumino



・TSUTAYA Hamamatsu Central Store



NORDACE is a Hong Kong back brand that first landed in Japan in December 2021.
It is a brand born with the concept of “I want to combine smart functions and design and carry what I need neatly”.

Vertex is looking for stores that handle NORDACE.

Please feel free to contact us.


Vertex Corporation 

Person in charge: Shiiya
Email: m-shiiya@vertex-group.co.jp

Company name: Vertex Inc.

Business overview: Development, import, and wholesale of home appliances and miscellaneous goods

Established: June 1992

Capital: 50,000,000 yen

Representative: Manabu Hokari

Head office location: 2-3927-15 Ryokawa, Konan-ku, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture


TEL: 025-282-9051


Homepage: Vertex STYLE Inc.


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