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Everyday items that combine the latest technology and sophisticated design are now available!

We picked up this week’s machi-ya hot products, such as the Japanese-style sling bag “NIID”, the “DIGIPEN” that digitizes handwritten notes, and the revolutionary sleeping bag “Momonga” that allows you to move freely.

The end of the project is approaching, so be sure to access each page as soon as possible!

Functionality and beauty from an architect’s point of view. The popular sling of “NIID” that has evolved with Japanese-style materialsImage: machi-yaImage: machi-ya

The new R0+ PRO in the[Radiant Urban Sling]series, which has received a great response from many people in domestic crowdfunding, is now available on machi-ya. (1) Functional and storage capacity (2) New strap system for quick adjustment (3) Beautiful, high-quality origami fabric.

▲ Check out this project[Analog × advanced technology]Real-time digitization of handwritten notes. Save voice memos at the same time!Image: machi-yaImage: machi-ya

The latest work in the popular “DIGIPEN” series that allows you to digitize handwritten notes in real time! Reading accuracy is 20% higher than the previous version! In addition, it is now possible to erase written characters even in paper notebooks. It is an ultra-multifunctional electronic pen that supports 66 languages and is equipped with various useful functions such as OCR function and voice memo function.

▲ Check out this project, and the cumulative support exceeded 30 million yen! New model of multifunctional backpack with a sleek designImage: machi-yaImage: machi-ya

“Pleatpack” is a backpack that features a stylish design that pursues lean simplicity. Upgraded features and materials from the previous game. Take a look at the Pleatpack, which has been implemented with the same popular systems such as the magnetic opening and closing system and the expansion system, and has evolved to be more beautiful and functional!

▲ Check out this project[Future heating clothes]Further evolution! A sleeping bag that covers your feet, is puffy as soon as you put it on, and allows you to move freelyImage: machi-yaImage: machi-ya

A revolutionary sleeping bag that is light and warm, easy to wear over any clothes and allows you to move freely! Since your body temperature is the heat source, you can save on electricity and utility bills, and you can use it in the event of a disaster! Keep your feet warm with new items! It is usually also used as a cushion.

▲ Check out this project[Audiometry & AI setting]Smart sound collector earphone with all the power of acoustic XROUNDImage: machi-yaImage: machi-ya

HEAR doesn’t just make the ambient sound louder, it also measures your hearing with an app and optimizes it with an audiogram tailored to your person. AI can read the user environment from 6 scenes such as human voices and subways, and automatic settings are possible, and customization such as manual fine-tuning is also possible.

▲ Check out this projectLet’s color your daily life with your own handmade art! EPLight weaves a new lighting styleImage: machi-yaImage: machi-ya

(1) Let’s color a luxurious moment! E.P.Light was born from the encounter between an artist and an inventor. (2) Sturdy & Cool! A material that does not crack easily even if it falls, and does not heat up even after long use! (3) Each lamp has a different color and pattern, and its uniqueness cannot be found in other bulbs.

▲ Check out this project Oral Revolution! Super Nano Bubble Flosser Oral Irrigator. Take care of your teeth foreverImage: machi-yaImage: machi-ya

■ Innovative oral irrigator super nano bubble flosser! Oral care with a new foam feeling! ■ Because of the patented structure, it is possible to thoroughly wash the mouth with 116 million ultra-small super nano bubbles per 1 ml! ■ It is a full nozzle set! A set of 6 types (8 in total) tip nozzles! It is possible to wash the oral cavity according to the scene!

▲ Check out this project[The latest version of the sleeping bag]Aluminum sheet + spacesuit material “ALUGEL” is born!Image: machi-yaImage: machi-ya

The spacesuit material is covered with “aluminum-coated nylon” and the warmth of the four-layer structure “White Duck Down” makes it lightweight, compact, and warm.

▲ Check this project

Image: machi-ya

Source: machi-ya

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