Japan OPPO Reno5 A, for some reason all over the world. This time it will be handled by mobile stores in Bangladesh – OPPO Lab

The OPPO Reno5 A is a domestic limited model smartphone sold only by Oppo Japan, but since around November last year, unauthorized sales have been confirmed on mail order sites in neighboring China.

Reno5 A was leaked from a Chinese site to Russia and Brazil, but it was found that it is also distributed in various places and is handled by a local mobile phone retailer in Bangladesh.

Reno5 A in Bangladesh mobile phone shop

On the overseas Youtube channel “Sabbir Explore” (391,000 subscribers), which posts videos about smartphones, a video introducing OPPO Reno5 A, which should be a limited edition product of Japan, has been released at a mobile phone shop in Bangladesh.


The photo was taken at a local mobile phone shop in a large shopping mall in Bangladesh.

In the video, a man who appears to be an employee of the store is shown lining up multiple OPPO Reno5 A’s, opening one of them, and checking how it works.

In the background of the man who seems to be inside the store, products from major overseas manufacturers such as OPPO and Xiaomi are lined up, and among them, the Japan limited model Reno5 A is mixed.

In addition, the phone number of the store is listed in the video and description section, indicating that OPPO Reno5 A is treated as a product in Bangladesh, although it is non-legitimate.

It seems that the Ymobile version is being sold.

In the video, the OPPO Reno5 A is introduced, and from the information in the video, it can be confirmed that this Reno5 A that went to Bangladesh is a Ymobile model.

First, in the scene where the home screen is projected, “Yahoo!” and “PayPay”, familiar apps that are standard on Y!mobile smartphones are lined up.

Many familiar icons

Also, in the scene where the terminal information is opened, “A101OP” is displayed in the part of the model number that represents the type of device.

This is the model number of the Ymobile version of OPPO Reno5 A that does not support eSIM.

Coincidentally, the OPPO Reno5 A sold on Aliexpress in China was also a Ymobile version of the product.

The fact that the model number is A101OP can be determined to be the Ymobile version.

Reno5 A will be available all over the world

OPPO sells smartphones all over the world, but the Reno5 A is a terminal developed for Japan people.

Smartphones with such a background began to circulate in Russia and Brazil through the Chinese mail order site Aliexpress, and finally they were sold at local mobile phone shops.

Aliexpress’s Reno5 A had been ordered more than 860 times as of November 2 last year, attracting a certain amount of attention as a model sold only in certain countries.

On the other hand, it is not clear why OPPO Reno5 A is spreading to various countries.

In addition Japan since it is a limited model, if the local buyer needs repair due to a breakdown, it is possible that you will not receive regular support.

Oppo has also entered the Bangladesh market, but even if there is a risk of not having the support of a local subsidiary, Reno5 A may be an attractive model to purchase and purchase.

A model sold by OPPO in Bangladesh. Some products are sold in Japan

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