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UENI BOEKI CO., LTD. (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo, President: Mitsuki Miyagami), a general trading company, has cooperated with “Hiko Mizuno Jewelry College”, which has endorsed the project of “protecting and nurturing Japan watch culture and craftsmen” of the Japan mechanical watch brand “S-MEISTER”, which is particular about made in Japan. Designs of mechanical watches (automatic winding/tourbillon) that respect the free ideas of students are invited in a contest format.

After screening by five experts, including independent watchmaker Daizo Makihara, a graduate of the school and a regular member of AHCI, and course managers of “Hiko Mizuno Jewelry College”, the five selected models will be commercialized and sold at the Seibu Ikebukuro main store from June 14 (Wed.) ~ 20 (Tue.), 2023. (Some reservations will be available.) )

In this project, one Grand Prize and one Excellence Award were selected from the domestic mechanical watch category. In addition, one Grand Prize and two Excellence Awards were commercialized from the tourbillon category. All tourbillons (made in China) were commercialized in 160,000~180,000 units.

Tourbillon Category Award-winning designTourbillon Category Award-winning design

Domestic Mechanical Watch Category Award-winning designDomestic Mechanical Watch Category Award-winning design

This project, which started in June 2022, received a total of 116 designs in two categories: domestic mechanical watches and tourbillons. In order to expand the possibilities of mechanical watches, students of the Watch Course and students of the Jewellery Course were required to participate in teams, making full use of mutual knowledge and adding originality to the design of materials and shapes. Please enjoy the unique design created by the free ideas of students.

During the period, a nationally qualified watchmaker will demonstrate the disassembly and assembly of the movement on Saturday, June 17, and on Sunday, June 18, a gold leaf craftsman will demonstrate the application of gold leaf in the shop. (S-MEISTER Kanazawa Foil Collection held at the same time)

Design images and actual commercialized imagesDesign images and actual commercialized images

《S-MEISTER Limited Time Shop Details》


Demonstration Schedule

・Saturday, June 17, 2023 Assembly by watchmaker 14:00~17:00

・Sunday, June 18, 2023 Foil stamping demonstration by a gold leaf craftsman 14:00~17:00

Venue: Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store 1-28-1 Minami Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

Sector : 5th floor (center A6) = Event Space NEWS

Hours: 10:00~21:00 (Last day until 20:00)

Harmony (Ebony ) SM-HM001 ¥180,400 (tax included)Harmony (Ebony ) SM-HM001 ¥180,400 (tax included)

Wave SM-HM002 ¥165,000 (tax included)Wave SM-HM002 ¥165,000 (tax included)

Shigami Byakko SM-HM003 ¥172,700 (tax included)Shigami Byakko SM-HM003 ¥172,700 (tax included)

Art Deco 2020s-Auto v.1  SM-HM004 ¥40,700 (tax included)Art Deco 2020s-Auto v.1  SM-HM004 ¥40,700 (tax included)

ability -performance- SM-HM005 ¥41,800 (tax included)ability -performance- SM-HM005 ¥41,800 (tax included)

◆What is S-MEISTER◆

“S-MEISTER” is a brand derived from the watch brand “SONNE”, which was born in Japan in 2000 and specializes in mechanical watches. In addition to the mechanical watchmaking expertise cultivated at SONNE, we create beautiful and quaint mechanical watches that incorporate traditional crafts and techniques into the design with the aim of enlivening Japan manufacturing together.

In addition, by offering traditional crafts, which are generally expensive, at a price that is easy to wear on a daily basis, we hope that you will feel close to the culture and traditions of Japan and provide an opportunity to learn about Japan anew.

We aim to be a brand that gives people around the world an opportunity to know about beautiful made-in-Japan products while Japan through “S-MEISTER” by letting people understand the “manufacturing” of Japan that has been cultivated for a long time.

S-MEISTER official website https://sonne-watch.jp/news/smeister_seibu

◆What is Hiko Mizuno Jewelry College◆

Hiko Mizuno Jewelry College is the first Japan school to be approved as an educational corporation in the jewelry field. Since its opening in 1966, the school has established a watch, shoe, and bag course, and continues to move forward as a school that fosters “manufacturing” technology specialized in each field. This is the 27th year of the Watch Course. As an “industry-certified school”, we are in charge of training engineers and send more than 1,500 graduates to the watch industry.


【Sole Japan Import Agent: About Ueni Trading】
A fashion trading company that handles brands such as watches and fashion accessories.
Based on the achievements and know-how cultivated as an import wholesaler, we have expanded the business of Japan authorized distributors and original brands.
While serving as the sole agent Japan of “Timex” from the United States, “Furla (watch)”, “Versace (watch)”, “Spinniker”, “Hydrogen (watch)” and “Humblerich” from Italy, “Zeppelin”, “Adidas Originals (watch)” and “Duffa” from Germany, “Henry London” and “Ted Baker (watch)” from the United Kingdom, etc. We plan and develop Angel Heart, Angel Clover, Pelle Morbida, and Sonne, and many brands with a wide range of business models.

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