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Kailijumei’s flower lip is an icon lip that symbolizes the brand, which has long been loved as a gift for yourself and your loved ones.

The “Flower Lip Japan Limited Gold Case Model” is made by hand one by one using real dried flowers and gold leaf. It is the only item in this world that encloses flowers that have different ways of opening and coloring.


“Flower Lip Japan Limited Gold Case Model”

< 4 colors>
Flame Red, Fresh Orange, Sky Blue (New Color), Barbie Pink

The “Flower Lip Japan Limited Gold Case Model” is a tint lip with real small flowers and gold leaf that are different from each other. It is a Japan limited model housed in a luxurious gold lip case.

Another point is that it is a magic color lip that changes color depending on body temperature and pH of the lips. The color develops differently depending on the person, and it is dyed in your own natural pink color, so it can be used by any person, regardless of skin color. With a tint formula, the color does not fade easily when wearing a mask or eating or drinking.

The Japan exclusive gold case model is a high-quality Japan exclusive high-end model that contains plant-derived natural moisturizing ingredients*.

・Contains natural ingredients* (olive fruit oil, grape seed oil, jojoba seed oil, lavender oil/moisturizing)

・Contains tocopherol (vitamin E / moisturizing)

The outer box package of the popular item that symbolizes Kailijumei, “Flower Lip Japan Limited Gold Case Model” has been renewed.

The package design has been renewed to be loved for a long time so that you can always remember the excitement of the moment you hold it in your hands. After taking out the lip, we paid attention to every detail so that it could be used as an interior decoration or accessory compartment. It is recommended not only as a reward for yourself, but also as a gift.

A small box with flowers and butterflies fluttering with important thoughts

Pull out the shiny ribbon to reveal a lip wrapped in a glittering gold case. When you take out the lip, there is a message from Kairi Jumei that says “LOVEME” at the bottom of the box. I entrusted my desire to love myself to the brand icon, a single flower.

The high-quality touch that is moist and soft in the hand is also a renewal point. It is finished in a luxurious design with gold foil stamping luxuriously sprinkled.

When you take out the sponge inside the box, a hidden butterfly design will appear with a surprise. Please pick it up and enjoy the surprise.



“Flower Lip Japan Limited Gold Case Model”

Price: 2,728 yen (tax included)

< 4 colors>
Flame Red, Fresh Orange, Sky Blue (New Color), Barbie Pink

[Sales schedule]

・ On sale from 12 o’clock on Tuesday, October 31, 2023 at the official e-commerce site “JF LABO COSME” and Rakuten Ichiba (official certified shop: Citrus Market)

A Bouquet of Flower for you.

A bouquet of flowers for you

Kailijumei, a Chinese cosmetics brand born in Hong Kong. The “Kairi Jumei Flower Lip,” which encapsulates a single small flower and high-purity gold leaf inside the lip, has become a hot topic on social media for its fantastic beauty and has quickly spread around the world.

Even in Japan, it is an icon lip that symbolizes the brand, which has long been loved as a gift for yourself and your loved ones. We are developing a large number of cosmetics made with high technology cultivated through the creation of products that cannot be imitated by anyone.

At Kailijumei, we will continue to deliver cosmetics that will overflow with excitement the moment you pick them up, and will become your treasure.

◼︎ Kailijumei official website: http://kailijumei-japan.com/

Instagram (@kailijumei_japan): https://www.instagram.com/kailijumei_japan/

・Twitter/X (@kailijumei_jpn): https://twitter.com/kailijumei_jpn

■ Company Profile

Japan Functional Cosmetics Research Institute, Inc.

1-7-12 Awaza, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Prefecture Higashishin Building 5th floor

Representative Director: Sayo Hayashi

◼︎ Official mail order site “JF LABO COSME”: https://www.cosmelabo.shop/

Instagram (@jflabo_cosme): https://www.instagram.com/jflabo_cosme/

・Twitter/X (@jflabo_cosme): https://twitter.com/jflabo_cosme

JF Lab Cosmetics has inspected all overseas cosmetics in Japan. You can purchase cosmetics with peace of mind.

■ Pioneer of Asian cosmetics such as Chinese cosmetics and Thai cosmetics

List of brands handled by “Japan Functional Cosmetics Research Institute Co., Ltd.”

frunflynn, SRICHAND, Cathy Doll, BabyBright, Beauty Cottage, MISTINE, idolo, SO GLAM, REUNROM, Beauty Buffet / Kailijumei, AURORA KITTY, BLACK TIME, VCND, ZEESEA, etc.

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