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At this event, rugby player Keita Inagaki, who has been appointed as the new ambassador of the Alpine Eagle, a modern and sport-chic watch that combines sophisticated mechanics and neat design, will take the stage. At a chic venue dyed in “SHIKKOKU”, the key color of “Alpine Eagle Japan Limited Edition”, we unveiled the original movie and held a talk session. In the talk session, in addition to the topic of being appointed as an ambassador, he talked about rugby and the recent event that made him laugh the most. Commenting on the incident that made him laugh the most recently, Inagaki commented, “Recently, I took my seal to submit a certain document, but when it came time to press the seal, I opened the case and found lip balm inside,” eliciting laughter from the audience.

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Scheufre and Japan limited edition “SHIKKOKU” “It has a very bold and powerful design, and when you actually wear it, you will feel its special feeling.”

First, Carl-Friedrich Scheufele, Co-President of Chopard, gave a greeting and explained about Chopard’s first sports watch, the St. Moritz. “St. Moritz is one of Switzerland’s leading tourist destinations, and I have been skiing there for many years and it was a very familiar place. Father, me, and son, three generations joined forces to create a new watch. As for the name “Alpine Eagle”, I love nature and considering that Chopard is strengthening its sustainability efforts, I named it in the image of an eagle flying majestically over a mountainous area. The pattern on the dial is inspired by the glow of an eagle’s eye, and the shape of the bracelet is inspired by the rough rocks of the mountainous terrain,” he explains, adding, “The design alternates between polished and satin, but this is a battle between the older generation (father) and the younger generation (son). In the midst of a struggle between a young man who was particular about satin finishes and a father who was particular about polished finishes, we decided that it would be better to incorporate both, and we came up with this design as a compromise.”
He also spoke about sustainability initiatives, which are essential for any brand: “Alpine Eagle is the first to use a material called Lucent Steel ™. It is made from 80% recycled materials and we hope to introduce this material into the entire Chopard collection in the future. Lucent Steel ™ is also anti-allergenic, light reflective, and wear-resistant. He also established the Alpine Eagle Foundation, a foundation for conservation activities in the Alps. It started with an effort to bring wild white-tailed eagles back to the Alps, and recently the first four chicks were born. It is very important for Chopard to expand his efforts from conservation activities in the Alps to the various problems facing the earth.”
“In fact, the country where the Alpine Eagle is most popular is Japan, and we want to express our gratitude to them, so we are pleased to announce the Japan limited edition of SHIKKOKU. As the title suggests, the dial is black. Of course, the hands tell you the time, but they don’t put a subject there. It’s a very bold and powerful design, and when you actually wear it on your wrist, you can feel its special feeling,” he said confidently about today’s surprise announcement.

Original movie KV with a magnificent world view! Alpine Eagle Ambassador Keita Inagaki: “Black is my favorite color, and I was also impressed by the spirit of the craftsman.”

After screening an original movie depicted in a grand worldview, rugby player Keita Inagaki, who was appointed as an ambassador, took the stage. Dressed in a formal attire in black suitable for “SHIKKOKU” and wearing an Alpine Eagle on his arm, he appeared with a dignified appearance. Scheufele happily commented on Mr. Inagaki wearing SHIKKOKU, “I don’t think there is anyone in this world who looks better than him,” and Mr. Inagaki said with a smile, “I am truly honored.”


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* The original movie is available on Chopard’s official YouTube.
* We have prepared making-of shots of the original movie shooting and interviews. For details, please see the detailed interview materials at the bottom of this release and attached.

First of all, Mr. Inagaki expressed his joy at being appointed as an ambassador for Alpine Eagle, saying, “I am truly honored to have this wonderful opportunity, and I will do my best to convey the charm of this watch to everyone.” As for her impressions of wearing the product, she said, “It’s really cool, especially the dial. SHIKKOKU”, but black is my favorite color. This means that they stuck to black even deeper than black, and I was impressed by the soul of the craftsman. The design of the belt also brings out its strength, and it is a watch that you will want to wear forever.” When asked what kind of fashion he would like to match this watch with, he commented, “It looks great on suit style, and I think I will definitely choose this when I want to look good.” Regarding his impressions of shooting the original movie, he said, “I shot with the image of the top of the Alps, but the top of the Alps is a very harsh environment. I was able to shoot while comparing it with myself, so I think it was a very emotional shoot.”
The strongest eagle of birds also appeared, and when the MC asked him, “What kind of person is strong to Mr. Inagaki?” For me, physical strength and mental strength to move even in difficult times are important. But the strength I want to cherish the most is to be myself who can act for others when something happens. I got married and had someone I wanted to protect. If there is anything I can do for people close to me, I want to take firm action.”

Talk about rugby! Goal: “First of all, I want to prove the strength of my Japan by being selected for the national team” The player to watch is “England international Ellis Genzi”. 10 years from now, “I still want to play rugby until my body breaks.”

Next, we talked about the rugby tournament held in September. “The Japan league is in the middle of the season right now, and there are games every week, so I am training my body and technique every day in preparation for the matches. Under such circumstances, I am always looking ahead and preparing my skills and physical form to compete in the world at the same time.” Regarding his current goal, he expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “First of all, I want to be selected as a member of the rugby national team, where I want to prove the strength of my Japan to the world.” As for the players to watch overseas, he said, “Ellis Genzi, the number one player in the England national team, is a very famous and talented player in the same position as me. As long as we are in the same position, I don’t want to lose to anyone in the world, and England is also our opponent in the qualifying round, so I want to show my results there.”
It has been 10 years since Mr. Inagaki turned professional in 2013. When asked about the aspects of my body that I feel have grown or changed over the past 10 years, he said, “I feel that my body was very thin when I first joined the club, and I have spent 10 years building the body I am today. But perhaps the biggest change is the way we think about rugby. As we accumulated technology, we were able to naturally eliminate waste and think smoothly. Even during the matches, I started to think more and more, “I’ve experienced this scenery and this situation before.” This will allow us to predict the next development and make the match run smoothly. I have grown up because I have been able to think more efficiently.” On what he wants to be like in another 10 years, he said, “I’m 42 years old, I want to play rugby until my body breaks down, and when I’m 42, I don’t know if I’m able to do it or not, but I just have to prepare myself to do it. I will always think about what I need and what I need to do, and face each match in front of me.”
Finally, Mr. Inagaki, who is famous for not smiling, said about the incident that made him laugh the most recently, “That’s a difficult question. I looked at the person in charge and said, “Excuse me, can I paint it for the time being?” A little relaxing time passed. It was embarrassing,” he commented, eliciting laughter from the audience. The event ended in a friendly atmosphere.

How to refresh “I dare to make time when I don’t think about rugby, I value who and where I do what at that time” On the sense of time during the game: “Sometimes when you get into the zone, you can predict every play”

In response to a reporter’s question “How do you refresh yourself during the season?” in the press after the event, he replied, “I don’t always think about rugby 24 hours a day. I dare to make time when I don’t think about rugby. I value what I do with whom and where during that time. RugbyIf you forget a little, you can switch on when you’re playing rugby.”
Also, “Does your sense of time change during rugby, and do you have any special feelings about watches?” “During rugby, sometimes it feels very fast, sometimes it feels very slow. When it feels like it’s early, when you realize it’s almost the end of the first half, there are times when you’re so focused, you’re in the zone, you can’t hear the crowd cheering, and you can predict every play. At times like that, I feel that time is flowing very slowly. I also have a lot of thoughts about watches. When I look at my watch, I feel like I’m going back to my roots. The amount of time I can be a rugby player is not infinite, and I would like to confirm that precious time with this wonderful watch. As long as this time continues, I would like to convey the strength of rugby players and the strength of their Japan on and off the field.”
“Do you usually wear a watch, and what are your favorite watches?” When asked, he replied, “I often wear a watch in practice and games. The game moves by the minute, and the routine before the game is also on time. I don’t think of it as a routine, but I have a detailed schedule, so I can’t let go of the watch. I don’t have any particular concerns about watches, but this time I found a wonderful watch. My favorite color is jet black. I feel like this watch is a constant reminder of what the root of my strength is. I am truly grateful to be here today,” he said, looking at SHIKKOKU.

About Making Shots

We will release the making-of shots from the shooting of the original movie. Mr. Inagaki took the shooting seriously from start to finish.


About the interview

We will publish an interview with the original movie shooting. In the interview, we asked Mr. Inagaki about his impressions of the shooting and the video on the theme of strength, who he thinks is strong and what he thinks is the strongest part. In addition, since it is the season of encounters where a new life begins, when asked about the encounters that changed his life, he revealed that he and his wife were able to meet his wife, and that he and his wife are helping each other in their lives. In addition, we received words of encouragement for those who are starting a new life.

【Interview Content】*Excerpts. For the full text, please see the attached detailed interview document.
―April is also the season of encounters when a new life begins. Have you ever met someone who changed your life?
I met my wife. Until then, my thoughts had been fixed, and I was only looking for the strength to push in one direction, but meeting my wife brought me a different way of thinking. I’m grateful to my wife for giving me all these ideas, and I’m also grateful to my wife for supporting me even when I’m busy. That’s why I want to support my busy wife if I have time.

-Even on SNS, photos of the couple getting along are impressive and show that they are spending their time with compassion.
It’s embarrassing (laughs). My wife and I often talk about how much fun and I like the time we spend together, but it’s not just us, it’s the kind of thing that a lot of people are involved in, as with this shoot, so we should not forget to be grateful to those people.

―You said that your way of thinking changed after meeting your wife, but are there any words that left an impression on you after your wife’s encouragement?
We often talk to each other about gratitude and thanks, but my wife is the one who gives me harsh opinions. Of course, I don’t have many opinions about training and matches, but in my daily life, I think, “Isn’t that different?” I’m really grateful that my wife, who is closest to me, cares about such things and says so. “Oh, I can’t keep going like this, I have to go back to basics” (I think). I am grateful to my wife for giving me such a harsh opinion.

-Please give some encouragement to those who are starting a new life.
I am about to embark on a new journey into society, but I am sure there will be many hardships. However, if you think about why you are doing this job and what you need to do to do this job, I think that when you get results, you will have a lot of confidence that you are doing the right thing to do. I think that the accumulation of these efforts will gradually shape your future self, so I think you just need to try various things, and if you fail, learn from them and start again. I want you to keep doing things and never give up, never forget that attitude. I’m rooting for you!

Performer Profile

Keita Inagaki

Born in Niigata on June 2, 1990 (age 32)
Rugby player. He belongs to Saitama Panasonic Wild Knights. His nickname is “Gacky”.
Although he is in a tough position to play in the front row of the scrum, he has a lot of tackles and is sure to move forward even when he has the ball. He has a strong presence with outstanding field play.
After winning his first cap for the Japan national team in 2014, he was selected for the Japan national team in 2015 and 2019. In particular, he helped the team reach the last eight of the Rugby World Cup held in Japan in 2019 for the first time in history, and was in the spotlight as the “man who doesn’t laugh”.
Although he is usually silent, he is also known as a fashion leader called “fashionable bancho”.

More about Alpine Eagle

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