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[Adventure over the handwriting of Kou Furukawa, a stationery lover]

Serialized by Kou Furukawa, a broadcast writer who loves stationery. With the theme of “handwriting”, we have picked up one by one “handwriting tools” that are being reconsidered precisely because we are in the digital age. This is the 24th time?

Episode 24

Lamy Safari White Red Clip Fountain Pen Kanji Nib
6000 yen (excluding tax)

A limited edition model specializing in kanji writing for the “Lamy Safari” that appeared in 1980. The newly developed pen tip is highly flexible and supports expressions peculiar to kanji such as “tome” and “harai”. It will be sold out immediately after its release in May 2022, and will be resold after August.

The pinnacle of design stationery reboots after 40 years of release

Fountain pen nibs require different performance depending on whether they are in the alphabet or kanji world, so it is said that domestic products are better for writing Japanese. Kanji characters with a large number of strokes and splashes require delicate control of the pen tip, so a specially tuned pen tip is better suited.

With that in mind, looking at the Lamy Safari White Red Clip Fountain Pen Kanji Nib, which was released for a limited time in May of this year, the nib is softer than conventional products due to the cut on both sides, and the hand-polished V Thanks to the letter-shaped pen point, it is now possible to write fineness and thickness separately. This is exactly a specification that specializes in kanji. Whether or not you can actually write kanji well with this is another matter (see my series, episode 22), but without a doubt, it will definitely give you a fuller writing feel than the Safari fountain pen so far, and you can enjoy the rich nuances of a fountain pen. Now

Speaking of the “Safari” series, the world’s highest peak of design stationery boasted by Germany’s Lamy. As a so-called “Hall of Fame” model, it was not in a position to be so severely questioned about its performance. However, just by tuning the tip of the pen, the entire pen evolved as if it had been completely rebooted. With this, this product joins the top runners of modern casual fountain pens. Moreover, the appearance is still this cool even after 40 years since its release, so this is the birth of a powerful one.

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