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Leica Camera is pleased to announce the release of the Leica ZM 1 Gold Edition, a special limited edition of Leica’s Leica Watch. Limited edition of 50 pieces worldwide.

In Japan, it will be available at the Leica Ginza store from late December 2023. Sales are by appointment only, and will be sold individually for each person who wishes to purchase.

The Leica ZM 1 Gold Edition is an exclusive model that uses two premium metals for the case: gold and titanium. As a special limited edition of the Leica ZM series, this timepiece is a luxurious timepiece that reflects the high level of craftsmanship and meticulous attention to iconic design in watchmaking.

The case is uniquely crafted by top-notch craftsmen and is made of two types of metals, 18K pink gold and high-strength grade 5 titanium. Grade 5 titanium is a durable material that is also used in the aviation and automotive industries.

It is also a tribute to the Leica I(a) Luxus, which was introduced in 1929 as Leica’s first camera made of gold, and is said to be a modern expression of the high-precision mechanism and sophisticated design that has been passed down as a tradition of the Leica brand.


The dial has a beautiful gradation, which is made possible by a special coloring and skilled craftsmanship using metal brushes. The indexes and hands are carefully galvanized to give it a warmth that matches the gold case.


The movement is the Leica calibre LH-1001. The movement is hand-made by Lehmann Precision, based in the Black Forest region of Baden=Württemberg, Germany, and has passed rigorous 5-axis adjustment tests.

Unlike ordinary wristwatches, the crown uses Leica’s own patented “push type”. Just by pushing the crown, the clock stops and the small seconds hand returns to the zero position, making it easy to adjust the time.


The special strap is made of alligator leather, which is suitable for a limited edition model. This alligator leather is naturally tanned in Italy’s top tannery from a certified fish farm in the United States, giving it a sophisticated gray-brown hue. By hand-sewing the stitching with great care one by one, the strap is finished in a way that is both durable and elegant. The fastener uses a butterfly buckle made of the same 18K pink gold as the case.

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