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From the Belgian brand “WEXLEY”, a Japan limited model backpack “SHELDRAKE BACKPACK” is now available.

Prior to the launch of the product at all Estnation stores on Friday, March 24, pre-orders will start at the Estnation and WEXLEY online stores from 7 p.m. on Friday, March 10 to 7 p.m. on Monday, March 20.

High-quality, minimalist design “WEXLEY”

“WEXLEY” is a brand established in Belgium in 2017 with the concept of “creating functional and high-quality products that are close to consumers.” In accordance with the concept, the bag will be developed with a high-quality, lean, minimalistic and modern design.

It is a small brand launched by creators, travelers, gear enthusiasts, etc., and the bags that are particular about high functionality and sophisticated looks are popular in Japan because they can be used both on and off.

This time, a limited edition model of the popular “SHELDRAKE BACKPACK” of “WEXLEY” will be released Japan.

Modern, functional and minimalistic design

“SHELDRAKE BACKPACK” is a backpack that fuses lightweight, compact, simple, and modern with an atmosphere that is an update of “WEXLEY’s bestseller “stem backpack”.

The Japan limited edition features water-repellent grain leather on the front and “Cordura” ballistic nylon 1680D on the body.

When you open the zipper on the front, the inside is colored light gray, so it is easy to see where and what is where.

The front compartment has an inside pocket for small items, making it easy to organize your belongings.

The body color is all black, and the sizes are 47 cm× 27 cm × 16 cm. With a capacity of 17 liters and a weight of 0.9 kg, it is large and light enough to carry around every day. The price will be 39,600 yen (tax included).

Reservations start ahead of sales at “Estnation”

The Japan-limited edition model of the bag will be on sale from Friday, March 24 at all Estnation stores, which have many fans due to their handling of highly sensitive items from Japan and overseas.

Prior to this, pre-orders will start on the official website Japan “Estnation” online store and “WEXLEY” from 7 p.m. ~ March 20 (Mon) 7 p.m.

A backpack with an urban style but specs and casualness that is useful for outdoor scenes. “WEXLEY” bags are characterized by a modern and sophisticated design, so it is attractive to decide on coordination in both casual and business scenes.

Estnation official website (online store):
Estnation official website (store):
WEXLEY Japan Official Website (Online Store):


(Akiaki Takano)

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