Limited Japan the first model of MIXBIKE “ADO Air 20 MIXBIKE” Evolution of 3-Way Electric Mobility [インターネットコム]

Limited to the first model of MIXBIKE

On the crowdfunding site GREENFUNDING, a limited edition model project Japan the first model of the next-generation e-bike “MIXBIKE” “ADO Air 20 MIXBIKE” has been released. In cooperation with ADO, an electrically assisted bicycle manufacturer that is very popular in the EU, this product is tailored to the traffic conditions of Japan that can be used differently from bicycles and electrically assisted bicycles that do not require number registration, and electric motorcycles that require license registration, which are different from conventional 3-way mobility. What is the next-generation e-bike “MIXBIKE”?
It is a next-generation e-bike that fuses three models based on the concept of “bicycle, electric reed, and sometimes moped”. As a bicycle, as an electric assist bicycle, as an electric motorcycle. Japan’s first three-wield electric bicycle (bicycle, electrically assisted bicycle, and moped type) that can run on public roads. The “ADO Air 20 MIXBIKE” to be released this time is a limited edition Japan made for Japan people.

In the past, “all 3-way mobility vehicles with bicycles, electric assist bicycles, and electric motorcycle functions are treated as mopeds, so number registration is always required.” Therefore, even if it can be used as a bicycle, it can only run on the roadway, and it is difficult to use it properly. However, the ADO Air 20 MIXBIKE can be used for bicycles and electric motorcycles that do not require number registration and electric motorcycles that require number registration by removing parts at home. Depending on the application, you can change the style and not be tied to the road you are driving on.

This highly flexible next-generation mobility MIXBIKE is patent-pending and is a new function only for Japan. Of course, even if you are currently unregistered with a license or number, you can use it as an electric motorcycle by obtaining it at a later date.

Features of the ADO Air 20 MIXBIKE

* 3 levels of power with built-in torque detection system, assisted by 350W
* Power battery that can travel up to 170 km with electric assist
* Ultra-lightweight 18.5 kg and foldable, so you can take it to the train with a bicycle bag.
* Hydraulic disc brakes that are comfortable and stop even in adverse conditions
* Carbon belt is used for maintenance-free chainless that prevents clothes from getting tangled
* Equipped with IPX7 compliant IPS color display linked to the app
* Stylish Samsung battery with built-in saddle that can be charged with household power
* Can be equipped with an expanded double battery
* The manufacturer is certified by the international certification standard “SGS standard” and has passed thorough endurance tests.
* The main body can be selected from three colors: ivory, gray, and light blue.

For detailed information such as crowdfunding returns, please refer to the relevant page of “Crowdfunding site GREENFUNDING”.

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