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First-class adults don’t compromise on personal belongings. In recent years, tablets and electronic pads have become more widespread, but there are still many opportunities to use writing instruments.

Meanwhile, from June 1 (Thursday), the event “K1108 WRITING BASE” will be held at the “Ginza Itoya Main Store”, which handles stationery. During the period, K.Itoya, the annex of the main store, will be the base called “K1108”, and the store will have a selection of writing instruments.

If you are looking for a gem full of originality, why not visit it?

Itoya’s original brand “ROMEO”

Itoya’s original brand “ROMEO” was founded in 1904.

The brand’s “ROMEO No.3” is an iconic ballpoint pen with its roots in the “ROMEO fountain pen” born in the Taisho era. Characterized by a beautiful form that colors the hand, excellent weight balance, and smooth writing, it is a writing instrument that can be said to be the essence of Itoya’s technique.

Event-limited ballpoint pen from “ROMEO”

“ROMEO No.3” has so far comfortably colored “writing scenes” with a sophisticated adult quality. At this event, from such a popular collection, the event-limited edition “ROMEO No.3 Element Ballpoint Pen Thick / Fine Axis” will appear.

ROMEO No.3 Element Ballpoint Pen Thick Axis ¥16,500〜¥22,000, Fine Axis  ¥15,400〜¥20,900 (both tax included)

ROMEO No.3 Element Ballpoint Pen Thick Axis ¥16,500〜¥22,000, Fine Axis  ¥15,400〜¥20,900 (both tax included)

The body shaft engraved with the symbol (∈) of the element that foreshadows the world of “ROMEO” that has not yet been seen, the pattern of the acrylic body that is different one by one, and the combination with three types of metal trim are attractive with an original expression. Another key point is the wide variety of colors.

The ROMEO No.3 Element Ballpoint Pen Thick/Fine Axis is sold up to two per person. In addition, although it will be available in stores from June 1 (Thursday), the first day of the event, it will be on sale for 7 days from June 9 (Friday) to 15 (Thursday), and it will be available for pre-order.

Additional information will be posted on Itoya’s official Twitter at a later date. If you’re interested in the limited edition, keep an eye on the store’s movements.

Period: June 1 (Thu) ~ 30 (Fri)
Venue: Ginza Itoya Main Store K.Itoya 1F
Location: 2-7-15 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Details page:
Itoya official Twitter (@Ginza_Itoya):



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