Limited to 55! Chanel’s new watch “J12” that combines technology and design power 2022 new watch: Chanel “J12” | JBpress autograph

2022.04.08 | Autograph | Ryoji Fukudome

Sentence = Ryoji Fukudome

From “J12”, which has become synonymous with Chanel watches, several models have been announced this year as well. Chanel’s unique ideas, senses, and technical capabilities are fully demonstrated in them.

“J12 Caliber 12.2”
Automatic winding (Cal.12.2), high resistance ceramic case, 33 mm diameter, 863,500 yen

A wristwatch that has established a new concept

“J12” has become a staple of wristwatches, not just Chanel fans. More than 20 years after his birth, ceramic materials and colors such as black and white have become established in watches. It can be said to be an important model in the history of watches.

Such “J12” was renewed in 2019.

In terms of design, the index was changed to ceramic and the case back was see-through, which made it look more sophisticated than before, but there were no major changes. However, by changing the movement from the general-purpose one to the self-winding Cal.12.1 made by Chanel, in which Chanel has a capital participation, it became a more powerful unit.

The power reserve, which is a proof of sustainability, has improved significantly from 42 hours to 70 hours, and COSC (Swiss official chrono), which is a strict accuracy standard that passes only 6% of watches exported from Switzerland. It is also a certified machine of the Meter Certification Association).

In 2010, some interesting models have appeared from such Chanel “J12”.

First of all, the small diameter model “J12 Caliber 12.2” with a case diameter of 33 mm. The Kenissi Cal.12.2, which was developed and assembled in La Chaux-de-Fonds’ own workshop in Switzerland, has a total of 174 pieces instead of simply reducing the existing Cal.12.1 to fit the miniaturized case. By considering the size, shape, and arrangement of the parts that are also used, it is designed so that it can fully demonstrate its performance.

Like Cal.12.1, it is also COSC certified, and although it is a small movement, it boasts a power reserve of about 50 hours.

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