Limited to 8 pieces worldwide, 2.17 million pieces per piece “Engraved fountain pen -Bird and beast caricature-” From the Sailor Fountain Pen: J-CAST Trend[Full text display]

On December 20, 2023, Sailor Fountain Pen began accepting orders for the fountain pen “Sakata Kugoro 140th Anniversary Engraved Fountain Pen -Bird and Beast Caricature-” to commemorate the 140th anniversary of the birth of its founder, Kugoro Sakata, in a limited edition of 8 pieces worldwide.

Limited to 8 pieces worldwide, a premium one with a frog of

Limited to 8 pieces worldwide, a premium one with a frog of “caricature of birds and beasts”

Limited to 8 pieces worldwide, a premium one with a frog of

Mr. Morihito Katsura, a human national treasure, is engaged in engraving

It is said to be the oldest manga in Japan, and the motif is the national treasure “Bird and Beast Caricature” in the collection of Tsugaoyama Kozanji Temple, which depicts animals playing happily. Mr. Morihito Katsura, who holds the Important Intangible Cultural Property (Human National Treasure) “Engraved” who also handles items purveyed by the Imperial Household Agency, will engrave the gold.

The nib is 21k gold. The technique of carving a single-edged chisel diagonally into a sterling silver lid body expresses the flowers and plants depicted in caricatures of birds and beasts. The metal parts, such as the large tip, are brass with rhodium plating.

The “frog” is an alloy of silver and copper with a small amount of gold added to the main body, the handle on the back is finished with “red copper”, and the tongue is finished with “copper”. In addition to the inscription of Katsura’s “Jin” on the base of the frog, the serial number (1/8~8/8) is applied to the side.

Included are a pen stand with a mirror specification that allows you to see the whole view of the engraving and one-sided carving, an ink bottle and an ink stand with “140th Anniversary” sandblasted on the surface. It is enclosed in a special wooden box.

The price is 2,178,000 yen (tax included).

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