Limited to 8 pieces worldwide. The ultimate one by a human national treasure to commemorate the 140th anniversary of the founder’s birth Important Intangible Cultural Property Human National Treasure “Engraved” holder Katsura … – PR TIMES

■ “Engraved Fountain Pen – Caricature of Birds and Beasts -“

A fountain pen commemorating the 140th anniversary of the birth of Kyugoro Sakata, the founder of Sailor fountain pens and the first purely domestic 14-karat gold nib produced in Japan. It is said to be the oldest manga in Japan, and animals that are said to convey intentions beyond human knowledge are enjoyed

The appearance of playing with sea urchins is a blessing, and the caricature of birds and beasts that are considered to be auspicious is adopted as a motif. “Caricatures of Birds and Beasts” is a national treasure that is housed in the World Heritage Site of Mt. Tsugao Kozanji Temple.

The engraving is the work of Katsura Morihito, an important intangible cultural property (human national treasure) “carving” holder who has received a very high reputation for his work on items purveyed by the Imperial Household Agency.

– Single-sided engraving

A technique in which a single-edged chisel is carved diagonally into the lid body, which is made of sterling silver, to carve a pattern with inflection.

The flowers and plants depicted in the caricatures of birds and beasts are expressed in a one-sided carving by Katsura Morihito.

● About engraving

● About engraving

【Product Specifications】

Product name: 140th Anniversary of the Birth of Kugoro Sakata Engraved Fountain Pen – Bird and Beast Caricature – (Limited to 8 pieces)

Suggested retail price: 2,178,000 yen (excl. tax 1,980,000 yen)

Nib: 21 gold, bold, large, bi-color finish

Lid and body: Sterling silver 925 / single-sided engraving

Large tip: Brass/rhodium plating

Metal parts: Brass/rhodium plated

Size: φ17.24×178.5mm, 108.4g

* The converter is attached to the main unit.

Package: Dedicated wooden box (made by Yamazakura) (W313×D130×H182mm)

Contents: 140th Anniversary of the Birth of Kugoro Sakata Engraved Fountain Pen – Caricature of Birds and Beasts – ,

Pen Stand, Pen Holder, Pen Tray, Ink Table,

Fountain Pen Bottle Ink 50m (SAILOR BLUE-Dawn)

1 bag, cleaning cloth (for silver polishing),

2 bottles of cartridge ink (black), fountain pen instruction manual,

Product leaflets, fountain pen quality assurance certificates

【Inquiries regarding the handling of products】

User service: 0120-191-167 (toll-free)

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