Locally related “rare creatures” such as tsuchinoko and horseshoe crab are used as fountain pen ink? !! What color is it? | Maidona News-Kobe Shimbun

Ink inspired by creatures related to Okayama

Ink inspired by creatures related to Okayama

Clubon (Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture), which sells office supplies, has commercialized ink with the image of creatures related to Okayama. There are three types of horseshoe crabs whose breeding grounds in Kasaoka City are designated as national natural monuments, Japanese giant salamanders (also known as Hanzaki), which is a national special natural monument, and Tsuchinoko, which has witnessed in Akaiwa City about 20 years ago. It is sold as “Okayama Rare Biological Ink” at the stationery store Usagiya.

Ink inspired by creatures related to Okayama

Ink inspired by creatures related to Okayama

Horseshoe crab adopts bright sky blue, which is named after the blood color that is also used as a test drug for pharmaceutical products. From the legend that the giant salamander is alive even if it is split in half, we named it “Durable Hanzaki-kun” and chose a dark brown color that makes us feel the vitality. The tsuchinoko, which has not been captured yet, was made ocher by expanding the imagination.

The package contains illustrations of each creature. Use it by sucking it into a fountain pen or attaching it to a glass pen.

Ink and actual colors inspired by creatures related to Okayama

Ink and actual colors inspired by creatures related to Okayama

Developed with WHOVAL (Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture) for dyeing and processing denim products. 1100 yen with 15 ml each. It is sold in limited quantities at each store except the Kurashiki store, which is undergoing renovation.

It was sold in advance at an event held at Usagiya Okayama store (Okayama city, Okayama prefecture) in mid-May, and “it was well received because it was a nice color,” said Katsuyoshi Umehara, deputy manager of the store, who was in charge of development. “As a limited edition product, we did not dare to target the general public, but worked on a novel project. We will continue to think about products that are related to the region from various perspectives.”

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