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[Loft]Close up of memos and sticky notes! Loft’s first “paper thing” event “Memo Marche 2022” held –PR TIMES

Loft Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo / Koki Ando, ​​President and CEO) will hold “Memo Marche 2022” from May 9th (Monday). This will be the first loft event focusing on memos and sticky notes from among the many paper stationery items.
We also sell memo packs, which are commercialized test writing papers that were placed in stores in the past, and loft-limited sticky notes that are packed with discarded parts that are generated during manufacturing. In addition, we have a wide range of recommended “paper items” such as trendy nuance color sticky notes.

[Loft Memo Marche 2022]Overview
■ Period: May 9th (Monday) -July 1st (Friday), 2022
■ Venue stores: Lofts and loft net stores nationwide (special page:
■ Number of products: Approximately 250 types of Shibuya Loft, Approximately 270 types of Ginza Loft

[Memo Marche first holding commemoration! Loft limited items are now available]
Kruul Fonse Trial Paper 3 Color Pack (Pilot)… 594 yen

Special commercialization of test writing paper that is not originally available. A memo set of dark blue, green, and black backgrounds that shines with handwritten lines.
* Scheduled to be released as soon as it arrives after early June

Paper town coffee shop memo Reprint design (Furukawa Paper Works)… 308 yen each

A reprint of a collaboration product with Furukawa Paper Works, which was very well received when it was released in 2020.

In translation Headline sticky note (Ax Corporation)… 407 yen

A pack containing waste parts that are generated when making sticky notes, such as those with uneven printing.

[Gently convey with nuance color]
Japanese color sample book Sticky notes to choose from (Camio Japan)… 462 yen each

<From the left, “>

Sticky notes with 3 sizes, large, medium and small, that you can use from your favorite color. There are 6 types such as “color of young grass” and “color of secret heart”. ● Marumi’s sticky note (Beverly) L size… 462 yen, M size… 418 yen

Sticky notes with rounded shapes and soft colors. Recommended for decorations such as notebooks and notebooks.

[Healed when you are at your desk! Design sticky note]
Fragrant one-stroke memo sticky note (APJ)… 440 yen each

A scented sticky note with a lemon on it. Lemon is faintly scented when conveying a message.

● Sticky note secret (designphil)… 374 yen

A sticky note that shows different illustrations when folded in half and can hide the written message cutely.

● Animal Die-cut Fusefsen (Greeting Life)… 550 yen each

The motif is animals in prone poses. Contains 40 sheets in 2 colors.

[Paper goods with useful waza-ari]
Jagged film sticky note (Sunstar stationery)… 396 yen each

Since the sides are jagged, it is a film type sticky note that can be cut to the desired length by hand.

Yuusari loose paper (Nakabayashi) A5… 737 yen, A6… 539 yen

Paper specialized for writing fountain pens. Specifications that are particular about quick-drying and do not easily bleed.

● Campus notebook A notebook that can be summarized quickly Side type small (Kokuyo)… 319 yen

Uses the same base paper as the campus notebook. You can add writing space to the edge of the page.

* All prices include tax. * Products and scales vary depending on the store.

You can buy Luxury Brand Watches safely and ship securely through Personal Shopper Japan buying service.

Please let us know which item do you need, then we can send you the quote and you can start the secured shopping.

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Fancl shops closed down in Singapore two months back and I had to turn to options online. That’s how I …

Great and fast service

Very responsive and great service from Ninja team. Will definitely use their service again. 🙂 …

Pleasant experience

Seller was extremely efficient in both replying my enquires & mailing the item out. Item received was in very good …

Excellent!! 海外留学生的福音!

我是一名在欧洲却又经常邮购日本商品的留学生,以前经常会遇到想要的店铺特典不提供海外邮寄的情况。在网上几经搜索和比较之后我找到了Ninja J的代购服务,价格相比起同行来很公道…

scarf and photo book

Easy, good and fast communication!
I used to love shopping at Village Vanguard when I lived in Japan for …

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