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The newly opened “MARK’STYLE Azabudai Hills” is a flagship design gift store handled by Marks, a global manufacturer of design stationery and miscellaneous goods under the theme of “Bringing comfort to the world with the wonderfulness of Japan.”
This is the first directly managed store since we joined the group of Pilot Corporation Co., Ltd., a comprehensive writing instrument manufacturer, in January 2023. Under the theme of “MARK’S meets PILOT”, we will have a lineup of products centered on “writing things” and “writing things” = writing instruments and writing media as a showcase that embodies the synergy between MARKS and pilots.

In addition to the supreme maki-e fountain pen “Namiki” and the world’s first capless fountain pen “Capless”, there is a showcase corner with a selection of high-end writing instruments made by pilots such as “Custom” and “Timeline”, and we have a wide range of writing instruments that will satisfy a wide range of users, from beginners to serious users.

In addition, at the “Writing Instrument Counter”, where a pen concierge who is familiar with writing instruments is stationed, you can choose the perfect one for you from among the many writing instruments while taking your time to try and write. As an opening event, we are also planning a free event for fountain pen “pressure measurement” and “personalization” services.

In addition to notebooks, notebooks, and other writing media using Marks’ original notebook paper NEO AGENDA, which has a high-quality and smooth writing feel, we have accumulated high-quality and valuable products that design “clothing, work, and housing” comfortably, including art, interiors, and fashion goods. We have the perfect selection of elements for gifts for your loved ones and yourself, and we are looking forward to welcoming you from home and abroad.

Store image: Showcase of high-end writing instrumentsStore image: Showcase of high-end writing instruments

Pen concierge is stationed at the Pen concierge is stationed at the “writing instrument counter”

■ In-Shop Gallery Opening Project


“Try drawing with a fountain pen. – The joy of handwriting, new discoveries -“

In addition to introducing the pilot’s web media “Kaku, Gasuki” and exhibiting the handwriting of celebrities who have appeared in the media, you can freely try all 24 colors of inks in the standard series of pilot fountain pens “Custom 742” (16 types of nibs) and “- iroshizuku-iroshizuku” fountain pen ink created from beautiful scenes in Japan at a large trial writing table.

<[Free]Pen Pressure Measurement Event>

The pen pressure and writing speed will be measured, and the pen concierge will propose a fountain pen that suits the customer based on the handwriting and pen pressure. This is an event that can be experienced not only by those who are purchasing a fountain pen for the first time, but also by those who have been using it for many years. Measurements are free of charge. 


Friday, November 24 & Saturday, November 25 11:00-18:00

Sunday    , November 26 11:00-17:00

  * Time required: About 15~30 minutes per person     


<[Free]Writing instrument name insertion event>

For those who have purchased a fountain pen or ballpoint pen, we will put your name on it with a special name inserting machine and hand it over on the day (*1), and you can put your name on it free of charge. An original pen with your name on it or a pen with the name of a loved one is perfect as a gift.

(*1) Depending on the acceptance situation, the delivery may be the next day or later.


   Saturday, December 9 11:00-18:00 

   Sunday, December 10 11:00-17:00

■ Limited edition products and pre-release products

As a limited edition product of MARK’STYLE Azabudai Hills, all four types of sophisticated coloring of the world’s only knock-type fountain pen “Capless”, as pre-release products, “Manuscript Sticky” using Marks’ original notebook paper NEO AGENDA, 3 sizes of “Graph Notebook Using Notebook Paper” from EDiT, a notebook & notebook brand for adults, and “Kakinuma doll / wood grain included×BE@RBRICK Indigo Dyeing” will be sold.

[Limited product]

“Pilot MARK’STYLE Limited Capless Fountain Pen” ¥ 26,400 (tax included)
The world’s only knock-type fountain pen “Capless”.

The MARK’STYLE limited edition model has a total of four types of sophisticated coloring. Limited quantity.

[Pre-release product]

NEO AGENDA’s smooth, high-quality writing comfort and whiteness that shines the color of the ink

“Manuscript Notes” ¥990 (tax included) and “EDiT Graph Notebook” ¥1,100 to ¥3,080 (tax included) 3 sizes.

“Kakinuma Doll, Wood Grain Included×BE@RBRICK Indigo Dyeing” ¥ 19,800 (tax included), ¥ 20,900 (tax included)
Produced by MARK’STYLE, a new work of the popular series “Kime BE@RBRICK” by Kakinuma doll craftsmen.

< Store Overview>
■ Store name
MARK’STYLE Azabudai Hills

■ Opening Day
Friday, November 24, 2023

1-3-1 Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo Azabudai Hills Tower Plaza 4th floor

■ Access
Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line “Kamiyacho” Exit 5 (Entrance 1)
Tokyo Metro Namboku Line “Roppongi 1-chome Station” Exit 2 4 minutes walk (Entrance 2)
In front of Miyako Bus Shibu Route 88 “Azabudai Hills” (Entrance 3)

■ Store area
40 pings

■ Products handled:
・ Original product of Marks. Writing media such as diaries and notebooks, stationery, miscellaneous goods, etc.


・Makie fountain pen “Namiki”

・Fountain pens and other pilot-made writing instruments

・ Other stationery, bags, tableware, miscellaneous goods, etc.

■ Official website


Based on Marks’ corporate philosophy of “Bringing comfort to the world with the wonderfulness of Japan”, Marks’ flagship design gift store sells lifestyle goods that include Marks’ stationery and other traditional Japan techniques with modern spices. Since 2016, we have been developing a sister store “MARK’STYLE TOKYO” in the Marais district of Paris, France.

Marks  Co., Ltd.

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