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HOVERPN 3.0, a topic that was also featured on Yahoo! News and lifehacker
*Continuing the project toward the NEXT GOAL of 3,330,000 yen!

This is a great review that covers everything from design, texture, weight, and writing comfort!
You can feel the splendor of HOVERPEN3.0 in this video![embedded content]


~Infinite Possibilities of Humans~

Hoverpen 3.0 Future Edition floating gracefully in a charged magnetic field
It makes us realize the infinite possibilities of humankind.

~ Expectations for the future with a floating figure ~

Maintain this levitation without extra power
Expectations for the future like sci-fi will grow.

~ The charm of floating with a balance of 30 degrees ~

Inclined floating technology that floats at an angle of 30°
The amazing floating effect brings a zen-like serenity.

~The beauty of the asymmetrical pedestal~

Pedestal is visually striking with asymmetrical design
You can feel the beauty of Japan like a dry landscape garden.

~ Overwhelming presence at the desk ~

Unique and magical visual impact, sleek lines, all-metal design
If you put it on your desk and look at it for a while, it’s like an installation that makes you want to pick it up and write about it.
It is sure to wow passing visitors and colleagues, and give off an overwhelming presence.


– Brings calmness and focus

It’s hard to concentrate on important things such as work and study…
Spin your pen!
It will be a magical presence that brings smooth and quiet rotation, calmness and focus.

~From brain rest to inspiration~

If you twist the main body while floating in the air,
You can keep spinning for up to 30 seconds.
Just looking at it will give your brain a peaceful rest and lead you to a state where you can easily get inspiration.


~ Because it is the third work in the series, the quality is even more reliable ~
Since this is the 3rd in the series, we are able to maintain reliable quality even in complicated processes.
From melting metal blocks to die casting, forming, cutting, polishing and grinding
Hundreds of complex processes were completed by the cooperation of Taiwanese metalworkers, machines and professional craftsmen.
It is also strictly controlled by novium’s professional production control team, ensuring high quality.

~Aircraft Grade Aluminum~
The pen body is made of lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum for a smooth writing experience.
With no extra weight, you can move at the speed of your thoughts.

-Just the right amount of weight to hold-
Set the thickness of the part to be gripped from the questionnaire to just the right thickness
Satin-finish coating designed to feel great in your hand
It’s heavy and comfortable to hold, so jotting down ideas and taking notes is as natural as breathing.

~Accurate technology and management system~
Meticulously manufactured.
All measurements must be accurate to defy gravity.
Diagonal balancing of the pen within the asymmetrical ring of magnetic repulsion requires precise expert skill.
A misalignment of even 1 mm will cause the pen to lose its magnetism.
For this reason, during the production period, we visit the factory and test the products ourselves, resulting in the highest quality and excellent products.

~Choose what you like~

fountain pen? Ballpoint pen?
either one or both
happy to choose

~ Freely exchangeable ~

Casing adopted for the body
Fountain pen or ballpoint pen
It can be freely exchanged according to the application.

*In this project, we do not sell replacement nibs from fountain pens to ballpoint pens. If you want to enjoy switching between a fountain pen and a ballpoint pen with this product, you need to purchase a return that includes the Hoverpen ballpoint pen body and a replacement nib for the fountain pen.

●Fountain Pen ~Glamour and Grace~

Stable writing comfort with exquisite and sophisticated design
It feels smooth and stable without spilling or spotting.


You can choose between “stainless steel nib” and “18K gold nib”.
○Stainless steel nib
For those who have never used a fountain pen, it is the best introductory edition.
○ 18K gold nib
For seasoned fountain pen users, this is the perfect item to add to your collection.

-Ballpoint pen-Practicality and accuracy-

Silky light writing comfort
When you slide the pen, even your heart becomes lighter.

~German Schmidt Refill~

Both the fountain pen and ballpoint pen have high-quality nibs and refills made by Schmidt in Germany.
Refills are compatible with Schmidt and other manufacturers.

[Corresponding refills and ink converters, etc.]
fountain pen:
European common standard (international standard)
All European standard ink cartridges can be used.
Hoverpen 3.0 ink cartridges are available as an option.

Ballpoint pen:
Regarding the replacement lead (refill), the following compatibility has been confirmed in addition to our genuine product.
Please use what you can afford for a long time.

・SCHMIDT safety ceramic roller 888 F
・SCHMIDT safety ceramic roller 888 M
・Platinum WSG 20
・Pilot BXS-V7RT
・Pilot G2
・Pentel LRN5
・Signo UMR-85N
There are things that are generally distributed such as.

●Fountain pen

~ Cartridges can be easily refilled ~
It is compatible with any ink bottle and fills with ink with a single pull.
From the perspective of the SDGs, it is an environmentally sustainable and optimal choice.

●Ball pen

-Can be exchanged so quickly-

Just disassemble the body and replace with new ink
If you run out of ink or want to change the color, you can easily get one at your local stationery store.


●Fountain pen nib
All fountain pens come with “fine” in their initial settings.

If you want a thickness other than “fine”, you can purchase it at a later date.
*EF, F, M can be selected only for silver color. (Black is F only)

Birthday gift, Christmas gift, new job or independence celebration.
It is ideal as a gift for your loved ones and those who are indebted to you.


○ On your desk

○ Consideration

○ at hand

●Product details

○ Fountain pen

○ Ballpoint pen

Q: Where is this product made?
A: The nib is made by Schmidt in Germany, and all other parts are made in Taiwan.

Q: What should I do if I run out of refills?
A: Please purchase refills from our company or your local stationery store. Conforms to international standards.

Q: If I purchase a rollerball pen, can I also purchase a fountain pen nib to convert it into a fountain pen?
A: Yes, you can purchase an additional nib to turn it into a fountain pen.

*In this project, we do not sell replacement nibs from fountain pens to ballpoint pens. If you want to enjoy switching between a fountain pen and a ballpoint pen with this product, you need to purchase a return that includes the Hoverpen ballpoint pen body and a replacement nib for the fountain pen.

Q: Can I choose the size of the fountain pen nib?
A: The default setting is “Fine”. EF, F, M can be purchased additionally only for silver color. (Black is F only)

Q: Do you have a warranty?
A.There is a 1-month free replacement warranty for initial defects only. Damage or failure due to dropping etc. is not covered by the warranty. There may be small scratches due to the nature of the product, but it is not a defect.

Q: Will it keep spinning all the time?
A: It rotates for about 30 seconds and then continues to float.

Q: Isn’t the sound of rotation noisy?
A: No. It makes almost no sound.

Q: What distinguishes you from other companies?
A: In addition to the smooth writing comfort of high-end stationery, pens that can be displayed will be a special space like no other.

Q: What is the difference from the previous models 1.0 and 2.0?
A: Fountain pen type appeared for the first time. The pen and fountain pen can be exchanged. The ink came out more smoothly, and it became a smooth writing comfort.

Q: What’s different about the 18k gold nib?
A: It has very high acid resistance and can withstand many years of use without rusting or corroding even with acidic ink. It is said that flexibility is high in comparison of the same nib shape.

Q: Can I purchase just the pedestal?
A: I’m sorry, but we do not sell the pedestal only.

Q: If the pen is broken or lost, can I buy just the pen?
A: It’s not included in this return, but we’re working on making it available for purchase in the future.

Q: What is the weight of the pen? Can I carry it around?
A: 31.8g, lighter than a croissant. An optional pen case will also be available for purchase in the future.

Q: What kind of replacement lead (refill) is compatible with?
A: Please be assured that compatible refills and converters are compatible with those that are generally distributed.

【fountain pen】

European common standard (international standard)
All European standard ink cartridges can be used.
Hoverpen 3.0 ink cartridges are available as an option.

[Ball pen]

Regarding the replacement lead (refill), the following compatibility has been confirmed in addition to our genuine product.
Please use what you can afford for a long time.

・SCHMIDT safety ceramic roller 888 F
・SCHMIDT safety ceramic roller 888 M
・Platinum WSG 20
・Pilot BXS-V7RT
・Pilot G2
・Pentel LRN5
・Signo UMR-85N
There are things that are generally distributed such as.

Q: Maintenance and cleaning seem to be difficult.
A: The best maintenance for a fountain pen is to write even a little every day, that’s all.
In addition, we will introduce how to care for your precious fountain pen so that even beginners can use it comfortably for a long time.

Q: Please tell me the recommended usage
A: I put it where I can see it on my desk and use it as a conversation starter or when I need a break or inspiration.

Q: I am a fountain pen beginner, can I use it?
A: Of course! I will take this opportunity to support you to become addicted to Fountain Pen Swamp, so please ask questions.

*There are other limited time offers.

August 13, 2022 Project start

September 25, 2022 Project ends

October-December 2022 Production/assembly/international transportation

November 2022-January 2023 Shipment will start sequentially

Since we want to provide high quality and writing comfort to everyone at an affordable price, most of the cost of purchasing products is used, but it is used to improve brand recognition and develop new products. I would like to do so.

There are many overseas stationery brands and famous writing instrument brands in Japan, and it won’t be long before NOVIUM’s HOVERPEN becomes one of them.

Together with everyone who has supported us, we hope to build the “NOVIUM” brand in Japan as well.

Nice to meet you all in Japan. The company name NOVIUM is derived from a fictitious element that does not exist yet, and represents a new presence in our lives.

We are a design company located in Taipei, Taiwan.
Since the project so far, we have shipped thousands of pens worldwide, with inventory in jewelers and luxury stores in over 14 countries.
Our brand is recognized as a new rival to high-end brands such as Montblanc and Parker.
In the future, I would like to move forward together with everyone’s support.

May your future be wonderful!

Nice to meet you everyone. I’m a NOVIUM JAPAN staff who loves stationery.
NOVIUM JAPAN is the exclusive distributor in Japan that has signed an exclusive sales contract with NOVIUM in Taiwan. We handle all products of this brand including HOVERPEN.

In the future, we would like to have people all over the country actually pick it up and feel the wonderfulness of HOVERPEN, so we would like to develop sales at physical stores such as department stores.

NOVIUM sells more than just pens and stationery.
We believe that by using this pen, we are able to provide a sense of satisfaction, an attractive business scene, and a gorgeous desk.

We hope that NOVIUM products can bring excitement to your everyday life.

Thank you for your support.

Due to the impact of the 2020 coronavirus, I myself, like many of you, have mostly been working remotely.

For days I felt very lonely because I was cut off from my colleagues, friends, and people around me.

In such a depressed everyday, you can’t stay like this! So, in order to somehow lift my spirits, I started to create an atmosphere in the study.
But around the desk is difficult.. Because you have to be practical while keeping it simple.

Meanwhile, I came across this HOVERPEN.
As a stationery lover, I fell in love with her intriguing appearance at first sight.

I thought it was part of the interior, so I put it on my desk as a test.
Then, the atmosphere changed at once. With just one pen.

It looks like a man’s room with a dull desk.
I felt such a wonderful presence.

Now I’m surrounded by the things I love, and I’m very happy to be in a slightly cooler space.

Since it floats in the air and keeps spinning around, the children are very interested in it, and my family members, including my wife, who hadn’t entered my room before, now come in without any errands.

That made me even happier.

Also, now that the corona wreck has calmed down, I have HOVEPRN on my office desk.
Even if I’m not good at talking, it gives me a chance to talk to my juniors and people in other departments, so my desk is very popular.

I would like everyone to use this HOVERPEN3.0 that changed my destiny.

We hope that many people in Japan will experience the charm of “HOVERPEN” through this project.

By all means, I would like everyone to become an early member and a companion to spread HOVERPEN throughout Japan.

■ Risk & Challenge

*The product has already been completed, but please be aware that shipping may be delayed due to production status, weather, delivery issues, etc.
*If the number of donations exceeds expectations, the shipping date may be delayed due to reasons such as the manufacturing process.
* Regarding the feeling of use, it is a product that is expected to differ from person to person. Therefore, we cannot accept returns or refunds regarding the feeling of use.
*For products under development, the design and specifications may be partially changed. *If we receive more support than expected through this project, and if we can further improve the mass production system in the current environment, the official selling price may be lower than the planned selling price.
*Parallel imports and similar products may occur. Please understand that it may not be possible to prevent this. Due to the nature of the support service, we ask for your understanding and acceptance of the above precautions in advance.
・Project attributes: imported products
・Support from agents: Support for Japanese customers by agents
・Project executor (country): Japan

Shipping will be overseas shipping, and we will use international transportation from Taiwan. Usually it will be delivered in about 3 weeks, but in rare cases it may take more than a month. The shipping time may vary depending on the order status, supply status, final adjustment, etc.

■ Description regarding Specified Commercial Transaction Law
●Seller name: TORITEMP limited liability company
Name of representative or person in charge of mail-order business: Ichinose Itsuki
● Business address/location: 4-5-7 Beppu, Shime-cho, Kasuya-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture 811-2205
● Business contact:

● Return price: As described in each return * Product details are as described in the return column
* In addition to the return price, supporters will be charged 220 yen (tax included) for each support as a system usage fee for CAMPFIRE (machi-ya). In addition, this system usage fee is received by CAMPFIRE, not by our company.
Shipping: Shipping included (if there are exceptions, such as remote island prices, it will be listed)
● Necessary expenses other than consideration: As described on the project page and return.
●Payment method: According to CAMPFIRE payment method (Click here for details)
●Payment period: Since this project is an “all-in” project, the contract will be concluded and the return will be delivered regardless of whether the goal is achieved. Therefore, you will be billed according to the payment method used at the time of application.
●Delivery time: The delivery time will be the scheduled shipping month described in each return details. However, delays may occur depending on the development and production status, so in that case, we will contact you by “Activity Report” on this project page or by e-mail to the purchaser.
●Cancellation/Returns: This project is an “all-in type”, so the contract will be concluded when the application is completed. Therefore, please note that we cannot accept returns or cancellations due to customer convenience. In addition, if there is damage or initial defects after the product arrives, we will exchange it, so please contact us from “Send opinions and inquiries by message” or contact the contact information on the delivery note.
●Software operating environment for transactions related to software: N/A
●Other information: Please check the project page, return description column, common description column (

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