Maybelline’s popular product has become a Pikachu design and will be released only in Japan! –PR TIMES

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This time, we have appointed Neo, who is also a fan of Pokemon and has gained tremendous support from the younger generation, as the visual model.

It is a cool and pop design inspired by the neon Pikachu designed for the “Maybelline Pokemon Pikachu Collection”.

Items include Maybelline New York’s most popular mascara “Rush Nista N”, “Fashion Brow Powder Impencil N” that makes it easy to get a natural fluffy eyebrows, and 42 best cosmetics * ¹ award-winning liquid eyeliner “Hyper Sharp”. Five items are available: “Liner R”, “SP Stay Matte Ink”, which is a hot topic as # Lip * ⁶, and “City Mini Palette”, a 6-color palette with no discarded colors.

“Pikachu” is popular not only in Japan but also in the world.
Don’t miss the limited edition collection!

© Nintendo / Creatures / GAME FREAK / TV Tokyo / ShoPro / JR Kikaku © Pokémon “Mayberin Pokemon Pikachu Collection” Product Overview ▌Release Date
March 25 (Friday) EC pre-sale start (Amazon, Rakuten Ichiba, @cosme SHOPPING, LOHACO)
Pre-sale starts from Saturday, March 26 (PLAZA, MINiPLA, Loft) * Some stores may not be available.
Launched nationwide on Saturday, April 9

▌Collection lineup
Rushnista N
P01 Black All 1 color 1,290 yen (tax excluded, manufacturer’s suggested retail price) * Limited to Japan

Long upwards that make your lashes stand out!

The black fibers adhere to each other as if they were impersonating your own eyelashes for a natural finish.
A more compact brush * ² designed for Japanese women to reach the inner and outer corners of the eyes as well as the base of the eyelashes.
Even though it doesn’t bleed, it’s easy to turn it off with hot water!

Fashion Blow Powder Impencil N
BR-P2 / BR-P3 All 2 colors 1,090 yen (tax excluded, manufacturer’s suggested retail price) * Limited to Japan

You can even get to the bottom of your eyebrows! Easy with one.Soft eyebrows
Although it has a soft and natural finish like powder, it adheres firmly to the eyebrows and does not easily come off.
Keep the finish for a long time * ²!
Waterproof type that is resistant to sweat and water

Hyper Sharp Liner R
BK-P1 / BR-P2 All 2 colors 1,290 yen (tax excluded, manufacturer’s suggested retail price) * Limited to Japan

0.01mm ultra-fine line * ³ is easy to draw!
Uses a camera shake absorbing brush. Exquisite elasticity and outstanding stability.
Resistant to tears, sweat and sebum, and does not easily bleed * ² for a long time! But easy off * ⁴.
Keep your line up until you make off * ⁵!

SP Stay Matte Ink
P170 / P210 / P135 / P285 All 4 colors 1,590 yen (tax excluded, manufacturer’s suggested retail price) * Limited to Japan

# Liquid matte lip that is very popular now with its non-falling lip * ⁶.
Continues until the freshly painted finish is removed * ²!
Highly colored lip that lasts up to 16 hours * ²! The point of longevity is to dry it well.
The contours of the lips are stripped off to give a firm color, and it can be applied naturally for natural use.
Find your favorite from 4 popular colors!

City mini palette
BR-P1 All 1 color 1,590 yen (tax excluded, manufacturer’s suggested retail price) * Limited to Japan

A dress-up grade eye that is colored with a 6-color palette.
Produce a variety of looks, from colors that are familiar to the skin to nudie colors.
Available in 6 colors with no discarded colors.

* 1 The total number of awards (1st to 3rd) won by the Hyper Sharp Liner series in awards sponsored by magazines and online media. (January 2012-May 2020)
* 2 According to Maybelline New York research, there are individual differences.
* 3 The line width that can be drawn in the finest case.Maybelline New York research
* 4 Can be easily removed with a normal cleanser.
* 5 From morning to night.Maybelline New York research
* 6 In the longest case assuming 16 hours of wearing. It can be removed with a make-up remover. Maybelline New York research. There are individual differences.
※ The photograph is an image


▌ Neo

Born June 6, 2001, from Kagoshima prefecture.
The total number of followers on SNS exceeds 4.8 million, attracting support mainly from high school girls.
In 2015, the video of “Lip Sync” that moves the mouth with the video posting application MixChannel became popular, and after that, the place of activity will be expanded to models and talents. She is currently active as a model, video creator, talent, and artist.

#Maybelline #maybelline #Pikachu #Pokémon Pikachu Collection

Born in NY in 1914. New York style and playfulness.
Both cute and cool, we propose makeup that allows you to express yourself as you wish.
Maximize each individuality, and be innovative rather than conservative. Overflowing possibilities for your makeup.

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