MoonSwatch Limited Edition ‘Mission to Neptune’ Coming: Will It Stir Up New Enthusiasm? |

Now, the resale price of the MoonSwatch has calmed down to a slightly higher point than new. That said, Mission to Neptune still has a premiere, but the price on the luxury watch marketplace Chrono24 starts at about £800 (about 150,000 yen).

Limited edition models generate new enthusiasm

However, MoonSwatch’s latest model is only available for one day and costs only $300 (about 44,000 yen), so there is a possibility that it will have more premieres.

This year, Swatch came up with a revolutionary way to sustain the enthusiasm surrounding MoonSwatch. Instead of announcing a completely new model, from March onwards, the company announced a series of gray limited edition models of “Mission to the Moon” (the closest to the original Speedmaster).

The only difference between the models is the chronograph second hand, which is coated in a different style with the alloy called “Moonshine Gold” used by Omega. All of them were sold for one day only, and the release was set to be on the day of the full moon. The aim was right, and while there wasn’t as much enthusiasm as it did when it first launched, lines were forming in Swatch stores again.

In particular, August 30 is a rare “Super Blue Moon” (the largest full moon of the year and the second full moon in August), so the Swatch has decided to use “Mission to Neptune” instead of “Mission to the Moon” as a limited edition model. Again, this model is identical to the regular model, except that it is a golden chronograph second hand.

According to Swatch, the golden second hand uses recycled Moonshine Gold from its own refining plant and was “only produced during the full moon on August 1.” The watch even comes with an appraisal to prove it.

Photograph: Swatch

Perhaps more important than the watch itself is Swatch’s decision to spotlight one of the most problematic models in the MoonSwatch collection. After all, this is not the only blue model. The pastel airy blue Mission to Uranus is also one of the most popular models, riding a wide range of trends centered on light blue and turquoise watches.

Swatch hasn’t made an official statement about the suspension of sales of Mission to Neptune last year or its return in recent months, but we can confirm that it is widely available, at least for this one-day limited edition. However, if you expect the new colors to be added to MoonSwatch, you’ll still have to wait.

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