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The theme of the 2024 Winter Watch Feature is “Ideal Pair ~Find the Ideal Two!~”. Just as two exquisitely paired cars are lined up in the garage at home, choosing a pair of watches is a way for adult watch lovers to enjoy it. This time, we asked the members of the Engine Watch Committee, which was formed by watch journalists and connoisseurs trusted by the editorial department, to guide us on how to choose a watch that enjoys the wonders of combinations.

Case diameter, dial color, indexes, shape of hours, minutes, and seconds hands… The two Moritz Grossmann Japan limited watches introduced here are a perfect contrast. The pair of “ARABIC INDEX” × “ROMAN INDEX” will make you want to have two!


Central Seconds Japan Limited
The brand’s first central second hand model features a sporty taste that is a little different from the conventional one, with a stainless steel case, white Arabic numerals and hands that stand out on the dial, and a brown strap hand-sewn from kudu leather. In addition, the in-house movement, which has been thoroughly meticulously selected from design to function and details, is exquisite. This black dial specification is only available in Japan and is a boutique limited edition of three super valuable items. Hand winding. Stainless steel, case diameter 41 mm. 4,455,000 yen.


Tefnut 36 Silver Friction Japan Limited
A classic dial similar to a pocket watch made in the 19th century by the watchmaker Grossmann of Glashütte, Germany, with a classic silver friction coating in this Japan limited edition model. This is a technique in which a small amount of water is added to a powder containing fine silver grains and salt, rubbed against the dial with a brush, and a coating is added to finish the process. The dial, which is made entirely by hand in accordance with tradition, has a moist matte texture that gives it a unique charm. Hand winding. Stainless steel, case diameter 36 mm. Limited to 30 pieces. 3,960,000 yen.

◆ Engine watch committee guidance! This is the choice of a pair of “Moritz Grossmann” ◆

On the most beautiful promenade in Tokyo 
If you want to know the aesthetics of Moritz Grossmann, go to Harimazaka. The flagship of the watch brand is Ginza, but Grossman’s store is located in Koishikawa, Bunkyo-ku. Harimazaka is the most beautiful promenade in Tokyo. There is a spacious green space in the center and on both sides of the two-lane road on each side, and as many as 120 cherry trees are planted. However, its length is only 460 meters. After the war, it was planned as Ring Road No. 3, but it was derailed by subsequent urban development. Koichi Kudo, president of Moritz Grossmann Japan, said he fell in love with Grossman’s watches and Harimazaka and decided to open the store. I don’t think there’s a better place (and a watch) for an adult couple to walk around with their arms casually intertwined. (Kentaro Matsuo, Editor-in-Chief of THE RAKE JAPAN)

You can enjoy the depth of warmth and innovation. 
This year marks the 60th anniversary of the announcement of the Porsche 911 prototype (Type 901). We respond to the changes of the times with technological innovation, and do not change our fundamental philosophy. That’s probably why it’s a great car. Moritz Grossmann is in touch with such German-style manufacturing. For the first use of the center seconds, the thickness of the plates and other parts was adjusted to align the parts of the movement at the same height. In addition, it is equipped with a pusher mechanism to avoid problems related to the crown. And in the model, which can be said to be the origin of the brand, the silver friction coating on the dial is reproduced with the motif of a 19th century pocket watch. Inheriting traditional techniques made by hand, which are being lost. These are two films where you can enjoy the depth of the new wisdom. (Watch writer, Mitsuru Shibata)

Inquiries = Moritz Grossmann Boutique Tel.03-5615-8185

Photo = Shoichi Kondo

(Jan. ENGIN2024)

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