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MSI 15.6-inch gaming notebook PC [Win10] GE62-6QC-024JP (black)

¥ 183,130

[Notebook PC: Gaming series]
15.6 inches high-performance smart gaming notebook of tightened body. A compact smart machine equipped with various gaming functions as well as high performance.

■ SteelSeries keyboard
SteelSeries gaming keyboard with proven operational feeling is adopted as the keyboard which becomes an important control device for gamers. Maximum press simultaneously 10 Key recognition enables any complicated operation. Place the Windows key on the right side to prevent erroneous strikes during the game. "SteelSeries Engine 3" correspondence which can be finely set. Multi LED backlight equipped with practicality and playfulness.
■ Installing "Killer LAN" to reduce lags
Equipped with Qualcomm Atheros's game networking platform "Killer E2400". With low delay / high response, comfortable and stable network connection is realized. It will be advantageous even in a severe environment where 0.1 seconds like FPS and network matchups will separate victory and defeat with excellent response.
■ Sound Enhanceer "Nahimic"
Sound Enhanceer born in France that is also used for military projects. You can choose games / music / movies and modes, making the sound the best according to the application. Virtual 7.1 ch sound will capture the footsteps of the opponent accurately. With the super high performance microphone noise canceller that is also used on the battlefield, your voice is very clear. ※ The picture becomes an image. Although the picture is an English keyboard, the main body of the product is a Japanese keyboard. Memory slot (maximum): 2
WP / SS None
Communication function: 10/100/1000 Base built-in
Touch panel not supported

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