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[Celluloid Original Pick](Chiba OJJ DESIGN FACTORY, 55 years old)
Previously, I posted it in the original pick. When I commissioned the production more than 10 years ago, guitarists all over the world were using JIM DUNLOP’s TORLEX picks, and I ordered materials that were close to what I admired.

I was very cool and satisfied with the finished product, but it has been more than 10 years since then. My feelings went back to when I started playing guitar, and I wanted the celluloid picks I was using at that time, and when I did some research… Somehow, celluloid turned out to be a very valuable material! The picks are made of ordinary materials, but the other products are all luxury items such as glasses and fountain pens! Everything is flammable and has limited uses …

When I immediately consulted with the previous store, the design data was still there, and it was delivered in about 2 weeks! This time, I made it vintage style with gold leaf on white fabric. When I actually played it, I was amaz~! Here! Here! The crisp chalking sound of the old Takanaka Masayoshi hypogee must be this! How impressive!

THE PICK OF DESTINY logos is the pick of destiny! I’m putting it in with that thought! Of course, I also love Tenacious D!

◆   ◆   ◆

The picks are not only slightly different in shape and thickness, but also in terms of material and touch. Of course, the sound is also different. I’m also a celluloid person for rice balls. I like the bite of the strings when they are slightly sharpened, and in that state, I feel that I can control the overtones freely. Come to think of it, I suddenly remembered that I used to play with picks and cemedines burning. With an astonishingly fierce flame … Oops, a good girl should not imitate. (JMN Editor-in-Chief Karasuma)

★ Let me introduce you to your instruments.

In the “My Musical Instruments and My Beloved Machines” corner, we are looking for instruments that everyone is proud of. Please send a message to the BARKS Musical Instrument Editorial Department. We will introduce it with the comments of the editorial department, so we are waiting for the following elements.

(1) Post title
Example: The longing Jaguar that I finally bought after working hard
Example: Kalimba became the cutest in the world when I drew a picture
(2) Musical instrument name (brand / model name)
Example: Travis Bean TB-1000
Example: Self-made tambourine handmade No. 3
(3) Name, Location, Age
Example: Mr. who hates practice Shizuoka Prefecture 21 years old
Example: Taro Yamada, Kita-ku, Akabane City, X years old
(4) Explanation and boasting talk
* The amount of text does not matter. It doesn’t matter if it’s an episode/stick/bragging point, or whatever. We look forward to your passionate submissions.
(5) Photos
* Up to 5 sheets

●Application Form: https://forms.gle/KaYtg18TbwtqysmR7

“Instrumentalists’ posts will be published on music UP’s”

In the free magazine “music UP’s” distributed on the 20th of every month at about 1,000 music-related spots nationwide, we will publish a special feature on musical instrument people, and we will introduce your favorite machine from the posts introduced in[My Instrument / My Beloved Machine].

* The number of posts per month is planned to be about 2~4. Selection will be made by the BARKS editorial department.
* Submissions posted on or after May 30, 2022 in the[My Musical Instruments and My Beloved Machines]corner are eligible for publication.

Please continue to enjoy[My Instrument / My Beloved Machine]. Thank you for your continued support of BARKS musical instruments.

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