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365 Days Note Grid B6 Evergreen

Since its release, the limited quantity color “Evergreen” will appear in the B6 size of the “365 Days Note”, which has been used by many fans in Japan and overseas for its unique use due to its high degree of freedom. “Evergreen” is the English name for “Tokiwa color”, and it is a deep green color reminiscent of evergreen trees such as pines and cedars that grow without dropping their leaves throughout the year. Since “Tokiwa” means “forever and unchanging,” we selected “Evergreen” as a color that harmonizes with the concept of “365 Days Note,” which accepts the user’s diverse 365 days.
“365 Days Note Grid B6 Evergreen” is a limited quantity product that will be sold only at three of our directly managed stores*, including the “STAGOY Tokyo Midtown Yaesu Store” that opened on March 10, 2023 (Friday).

※STALOGY Tokyo Midtown Yaesu store … Released on Thursday, April 27, 2023 (planned)
Nittodo, Nitoms official shop Rakuten Ichiba store … Released on Monday, July 3, 2023


What is “365 Days Note”?

It’s a simple notebook with only the bare essentials: a number representing the time, a date and day of the week, and a grid. It can be used as a diary, schedule book, or croquis book, and it receives the variety of 365 days of the user. Because it uses thin paper, it is so thin that it is hard to believe that there are 368 pages in total, and it can be carried without being bulky. It is designed to meet the needs of editors, such as taking notes on ideas, recording interviews, managing progress schedules, and layout.
* “365 Days Note” won the Excellence Award in the Design Division at the 23rd Japan Stationery Awards, the largest stationery award in Japan, in 2014.

Testimonials from 365 Days Note users

・Even though it is a thin paper, the ink does not easily slip through even if you write with a fountain pen.
・Light gray grid lines make it easy to use as a recording notebook or sketch book.
・Since it has many pages and can store a lot of information, it is easy to use as a notebook for work or study.
・Since the daily date is not printed, you can write as many records and schedules as you like whenever you want without pressure, and it is easy to use as a free diary / schedule book.

Product Details

365 Days Note Grid B6 Evergreen

Price (tax incl.)
JPY 2,090

B6(128×182×14 mm)

Number of pages
368 pages (184 pages)

・ A notebook with a simple body paper design with only the minimum elements such as numbers representing the time, date and day of the week, and grid
・ It is so thin that it is unbelievably 368 pages, and it can be carried without being bulky ・ Limited quantity color sold only at the manufacturer’s directly managed store (deep green reminiscent of evergreen)

Release Date and Location
・ Released from Thursday, April 27, 2023 (planned): STALOGY Tokyo Midtown Yaesu store
・ Released from July 3, 2023 (Monday): Nittodo (Yasaka, Kyoto), Nitoms official shop Rakuten Ichiba store



Based on the concept of “something that was unlikely and never existed”, the stationery brand has evolved by reconsidering the intrinsic value of stationery and prioritizing function and design to the maximum.
The Nitto Group’s technologies, including adhesive technology, were combined with the total direction of Manabu Mizuno, a creative director representing Japan of Good Design Company.

* “STALOGY” is a trademark of the Nitto Group.

Company Profile

Company name: Nitoms Corporation
Established: April 1, 1975
Head office address: Shinagawa Seaside Park Tower 7F, 4-12-4 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Akiaki Nakamura
Capital: 160 million yen (as of April 1, 2022)
Employees: 383 (as of April 1, 2022)
Line of Business: Planning, manufacturing, processing, sales, import/export of daily household goods, stationery, medical and healthcare products, etc., operation of retail stores

Nitoms Co., Ltd. is a group company of Nitto Denko Co., Ltd. (Nitto).

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