Nikkan original fountain pen “Fonte” is a “book gacha ®× letter for the first time … – Japan Publishing & Sales Co., Ltd.

The original fountain pen “Fonte” developed and sold by Japan Publishing & Sales Co., Ltd. (President: Keiji Okumura, abbreviation: Nikkan) has been adopted as a set product for the “Book Gacha ® × Letter First Fountain Pen Set” to be released on Friday, October 27, 2023 at the hybrid general bookstore “honto”.

“Fonte” is a brand that focuses on fountain pens and glass pens in the price range that are easy to pick up. The transparent body can be freely combined with the separately sold cap and ink to customize it to your liking.
It has gained popularity mainly in bookstores, and the cumulative number of units shipped has exceeded 80,000 units.
“Fonte” brand site:

■ Outline of “Book Gacha ® × Letters: First Fountain Pen Set”
“Book Gacha ®” is a popular project of HONTO in which books selected by HONTO bookstore staff for each theme are randomly sold with the title hidden.
The “Book Gacha ® ×Letter First Fountain Pen Set,” which features “Fonte,” is a set of fountain pens, ink, and a one-stroke (or letter set) selected by honto bookstore staff from approximately 60,000 titles of paperbacks on the theme of “letters.” The paperback is wrapped in a paper book cover with honto’s original design that resembles a “letter”, and the contents are delivered without knowing the contents until the cover is opened.

Contents of the “Book Gacha ® × Letter” set

You will receive × paperback with a book cover with the original design of the book gacha ® letter

【Product Summary】
・ Product name: Book gacha ® × letter First fountain pen set
・Number of product titles: 18 items *1
・Sales start date: Friday, October 27, 2023
・Contents: Set of (1)~(5)
(1) 1 paperback book (with original book cover)
(2) Fountain pen “Fonte” body
(3) Cap for “Fonte”
(Marron Brown, Honey Yellow, Deep Green, Dark Blue,
1 color at random from 6 colors of lavender and wine red)
(4) Ink cartridge for “Fonte”
(One color at random from three colors: blue-black, peacock green, and brown)
(5) MJ×Furukawa Paper Works “檸檬書店” one-stroke paper or MJ × Furukawa Paper Works “檸檬書店”
Letter set (1 random from 10 types)
・Price: 2,299 yen ~ 2,695 yen (tax included) *2
・Sales site:

*1 Each theme is limited in quantity and may be discontinued as soon as it is sold out.
*2 The selling price varies depending on the contents of the set.

■What is “book gacha ®”?
A special product that randomly delivers a special paperback selected by a bookstore clerk from among the approximately 60,000 paperback titles sold at the HONTO book mail order store.
The thrill of choosing a book based only on price and theme has become a hot topic, and the first installment, released in August 2022, sold out on the same day.
Please enjoy the chance encounter with a book that is born from a theme that interests you.
* “Book Gacha ®” is a registered trademark of DNP Dai Japan Printing.

■About the hybrid general bookstore “honto”
“honto” was launched in May 2012 as a general bookstore that links online bookstores (mail order stores, e-book stores) with real bookstores such as Maruzen, Junkudo Bookstore, and Bunkyodo.
The honto point service, which can be used at both online and real bookstores, is currently available at approximately 180 stores, including Keirindo Bookstore, Toda Shoten (9 stores), and Hakodate Eikodo Marui Imai Store.
As of October 2023, the number of members has exceeded 8.2 million, and we support book lovers with services that provide “books you want to read, when you want to read them, in the form you want to read.”
・ “honto” official website:
・ Real bookstore inventory search app “honto with”:
X (formerly Twitter):

< Japan Printing Co., Ltd. Company Profile>
・Company name Japan: Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
・President & CEO: Yoshihito Kitajima
・Location: 〒162-8001 1-1-1 Ichiyakaga-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

< To Fact Co., Ltd. Company Profile>
・Company name: 2Dfacto, Inc.
・President: Ikko Suzuki
・Shareholder: Dai Japan Printing Co., Ltd.
・Location: 〒162-8001 1-1-1 Ichiyakaga-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

■ Inquiries about “Book Gacha ® × Letter First Fountain Pen Set”
Dai Japan Printing Co., Ltd. HONTO Public Relations Officer: Kisanuki

■ Inquiries about “Fonte”
Japan Publishing & Sales Co., Ltd. Stationery & Miscellaneous Products Division PB Development Division

■Inquiries about media coverage
Japan Publishing & Sales Co., Ltd. Public Relations Section, President’s Office Person in charge: Yoshino, Yoshida
TEL.03-3233-3829 FAX.03-3233-6045

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