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United Kingdom

No one even comes close to these guys for customer service…

Date: January 29, 2019


Personal Shopper Japan proxy shopping service review title

  • No one even comes close to these guys for customer service…


Where are you from, and what’s your name?

  • Singapore, Steven


What did you buy from Japan through our personal shopping service?

  • Liquor


Please tell us about your experience with personal shopper service

  • If you want anything in Japan, look no further than PersonalShopperJ cause they will blow you away with their quick response and excellent service. Ninja response to you within hours and he doesn’t seem to sleep actually because I can get replies from him even after midnight! 😉 He doesn’t only buy whatever you want but also offers advice which is a great help when you are new to this.
    I have called a few other similar services in Japan but all pales in comparison to Ninja and his team. Thanks Ninja for the excellent service. Cheers!


From Personal Shopper Japan

  • Mr.Steven,

    Thank you for using our service and feedback !

    It was quite a memorable request.
    Many bottles (around 40) of very expensive Liquors (around 200 USD) to Singapore.
    Total value was around 8000 USD.
    our most expensive request was premium plastic plates 200 pcs (total approx. 20000 USD) so far,
    but this time, liquors in bottles … these are highly fragile items, and requires special attention.

    Our experience helped us to do your request without problem, and our soul repacked your items well.
    in my opinion, for expensive items and many items, experience is the key to do smooth transaction.

    maybe, It seems simple to buy item and send with international shipping service,
    but not that so simple sometimes, especially for expensive items.
    There’s hidden obstacles / dangerous point in some case.

    We’re glad to hear that there was no damage to the items and everything was smooth,
    we cannot thank you enough for your smart communication and speed.

    oh, by the way, some of interesting requests are

    1. buy department shopping vouchers and deliver to the company in Japan (our staff dressed in business suit and delivered to them, meet with them and got signature from company)
    2. buy Mikimoto Pearl in the imperial Hotel and deliver to the address in Japan
    3. buy roses and deliver to the hotel in Japan with time certain service
    4. buy prepaid card in Japan and send the code
    5. buy certain item and enter the lottery
    6. buy premium antique turn table, overhaul by professional engineer and repack with wooden box
    7. rent mobile phones for customers and send to their hotel
    many other….

    and thank you for the new request, we did best for you this time also !

    Thank you very much !
    Ninja J


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