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United Kingdom

Now Back to normal ! 2nd, August 2012

Our site was attacked by someone on 7/23 (DDOS attack), and almost 7
days site was down…

and , now back with new server…

we don’t know why, but the man/woman send us mail,

” give me xxxxx USD, then I’ll stop attacking”

first we thought this was a joke,

but soon, we got over 20000 unknown access from all over the world…
this was real threat….

last for 7 days and finally stopped.

really sad, and we ignored the threaten mail.(guess too reasonable
comparing other services? so they are attacking ??)

we are very sorry about this matter, but we are now operating normally!

Ninja J

Customer Reviews


مرحبا جميعا
انا اود القول بان هذه هي المره …

Easy Shopping

Placing an order was easy, everything after that went smooth …

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