“Octo Finissimo Miyajima Tatsuo Japan Limited Model” born in the eternal city | Gressive ~ A trip to a luxury watch to experience at YOSHIDA 177th ~

Collaboration with Japan’s leading contemporary artists has been realized!

Rome, the birthplace of Bulgari, is called the Eternal City. Travel to Rome, where many historical sites and archaeological sites that convey their footprints are everywhere, and you can see how great the culture that was nurtured here. And Bulgari is also strongly influenced by Roman culture.

For example, the icon model “Octo” features an octagon-octagonal case design, a motif often used in old Roman buildings. Moreover, the aesthetic sense cultivated as a jeweler is incorporated into the details, and the case is multi-faceted. Bulgari’s soul dwells in the details.

Bvlgari has a lot of support from artists, partly because it makes watches with such a soul. This model “Octo His Finishimo Tatsuo Miyajima Japan Limited Model” is also a watch that resonates with Bulgari’s sensibility.

BVLGARI Mr. Tatsuo Miyajima

Tatsuo Miyajima. Contemporary artist. In 1986, he completed graduate school at Tokyo University of the Arts. He was invited to the Venice Biennale, Newcomer Division in 1988 and gained international attention for his work using digital figures. Since then, he has held numerous exhibitions at home and abroad. He has published his work in more than 250 locations in 30 countries around the world. 1997 University of Geneva Competition Winner. 1998 Received the 5th Japan Contemporary Art Promotion Award. 1998 Honorary Doctorate, University of the Arts London 2006-2016 Vice President of Tohoku University of Art and Design. 2012-2016 Vice President of Kyoto University of the Arts. His masterpieces include “Mega Death”. He is also promoting the “Revival of Time / Persimmon Tree Project”, an activity to have children around the world raise the persimmon tree II that was bombed in Nagasaki.

This time, Bvlgari asked Tatsuo Miyajima, a contemporary artist, to collaborate. Around 1987-88, he came up with the three concepts of “it keeps changing,” “it connects with everything,” and “it lasts forever.” Started to present works using displays. Multiple digital counters count from 1 to 9 at different speeds, disappear without becoming 0, and start counting from 1 again. It’s like watching life and death forever on Earth, their rebirth.

“When designing a wristwatch, I wondered what it means to” live with time, “” said Miyajima, who was surprised at the sophistication of Bvlgari watches. And what does it mean to walk wearing the philosophy contained in the octagonal case, the world of precise mechanical movements like the microcosm, and the time that symbolizes life and death? From such a conceptual part, he expanded his ideas.

■ BVLGARI ■ Octo Finissimo Tatsuo Miyajima Japan limited model ■ 103563

The digital number “8” on the dial of the small second model changes its appearance depending on the amount of light.

What I finally arrived at was to place the symbolic 7-segment digital numbers of his work on the dial. The numbers aren’t very noticeable because the color is similar to the dial color, but when you tilt the clock, the numbers pop into your eyes.

The small second model has an exquisite balance between the numbers and the position of the second hand. And the minute repeater model has succeeded in making the sound of the hammer and gong resonate with the dial side by cutting out the digital numbers, and making a beautiful sound. The skill of Fabrizio Bonamassa Stiliani of the Bvlgari Watch Design Center is a fusion of a beautiful watch, the world of art and the functionality of the watch. Mr. Miyajima has full confidence in Fabrizio, and the project went smoothly even in situations where face-to-face meetings were difficult due to the corona.

■ BVLGARI ■ Octo Finissimo Minute Repeater Tatsuo Miyajima Japan Limited Model ■ 103568

The world’s thinnest minute repeater movement Cal.BVL362.

“Numbers do not exist in nature, but humans have been conscious of time and space by numbers. In the poem of British poet William Blake,” Seeing the world in a grain of sand, heaven in a flower. I see. There is a passage that says, “Capture infinity in your palm and see eternity in one moment.” Like this poem, you can see infinity in your arm.

Bvlgari watches are precise and complex, but above all beautiful. That sensibility resonates with world-famous artists.

■ BVLGARI ■ Octo Finissimo Tatsuo Miyajima Japan limited model ■ 103569

Octo Finissimo Tatsuo Miyajima Japan limited model

The matte textured titanium case is only 5mm thick. The number “8” is drawn on the titanium dial by leather processing.

■ 103569 ■ 40mm ■ Titanium case & bracelet (sandblasting) ■ Automatic winding ■ 30m water resistant ■ 120 pieces limited to Japan ■ ¥ 2,024,000 (tax included)

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■ BVLGARI ■ Octo Finissimo Tatsuo Miyajima Japan limited model ■ 103569

Octo Finissimo Tatsuo Miyajima Japan limited model

Although it is a hard ceramic case, it is thin with a thickness of 5.5 mm. It is polished separately with a hairline and a polish to give it a sharp look.

■ 103563 ■ 40mm ■ Black ceramic case & bracelet ■ Automatic winding ■ 30m water resistant ■ 120 pieces limited to Japan ■ ¥ 2,211,000 (tax included)

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■ BVLGARI ■ Octo Finissimo Minute Repeater Tatsuo Miyajima Japan Limited Model ■ 103568

Octo Finissimo Minute Repeater Tatsuo Miyajima Japan Limited Model

Equipped with the world’s thinnest minute repeater movement Cal.BVL362 with a thickness of 3.12 mm. The symmetric configuration is also beautiful, such as having a push button on the opposite side of the crown to move the minute repeater mechanism.

■ 103568 ■ 40mm ■ Titanium case & bracelet (sandblasting) ■ Self-winding ■ 50m water resistant ■ Japan limited 3 ■ Price inquiry required

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