Official release on 10/17! Idle adventure RPG “Clock Story: Reset” – PR TIMES

Even if the “past” is about to be lost, the “hope” of “tomorrow” still remains in the “now” – collect the “pieces of time” and grasp tomorrow! Summerfun Co.Limited will officially release the new RPG “Watch Story: Reset” on 10/17 (Tuesday)!

The most popular thing this time was the PV and theme song! The PV perfectly expresses the game’s fantastic world view and innovative gameplay. You can get a glimpse of beautiful fields that players can explore, a wide variety of characters, and epic battle scenes, and the visual beauty and dynamic action scenes are sure to tickle the adventurous spirit of many players!

[embedded content]

In addition, the game’s theme music has a moving melody and lyrics that further enrich the game’s worldview. Friendship and hope The keywords of this work are expressed perfectly!

Theme Music Video

[embedded content]

It combines a fantastic world with haunting melodies that take players into an unknown adventure. If you haven’t checked it out yet, check it out! A new adventure awaits you in “Clock Story: Reset”!

Extra large commemorative campaign held!

If you participate in the release commemorative campaign, you will receive a large number of gifts including IPHONE15 by lottery!

🎁 #正式配信記念
A luxurious gift campaign is underway!! 🎉

 📱 #最新型iPhone15Pro Max X 1 person 
🎁    #QUOカード 20,000 yen x 5 people 

DM notification 💌 to winners
Deadline: 10/24 (Tue)
▼How to apply
(1) Follow @TKMG_RESET
(2) RT this tweet

If the number of RTs reaches 20,000, you will receive an additional QUO card!

The thank you for preparing for you can also be found in the game!
Last month’s pre-registration campaign successfully reached 500,000 people! Thank you all! To commemorate this achievement, all players will receive luxurious rewards, including the Japan limited edition beast “Sakaban Baspis”!
And that’s not all. If you follow and RT the official Twitter @TKMG_RESET, you will also receive a large number of Amazon gift certificates by lottery! Don’t forget to follow us!

In addition to pre-registration rewards, we have also prepared super luxurious login rewards!
If you log in for 7 days now, you can earn SR Access Kin, Footprints, Magic Circle, Seibu, etc.! Let’s make a spectacular start dash with this login bonus!

And we would like to introduce the newly released information! The biggest point of this game is that you can easily play while having fun even in your spare time! In other words, it’s perfect for busy people!

(1) Idle play  

Let’s work together with your friends on a journey to find “pieces of time”! It is also equipped with a “idle function” that allows you to enjoy the game at your own pace!

 For those of you who are busy, the double speed & skip function! You can become stronger just by playing a little in your spare time!

Let’s enjoy the joy of growing to the fullest!

(2) Wonderful encounters 

Meet like-minded friends and people of destiny!

You can experience marriage and childcare in the game Not only the opposite sex, but also people of the same sex can ♬ get married and play happily ~

(3) Proceed to the dungeon 

Challenge the World BOSS and get great rewards!

PvP and PvE elements such as “Goddess Guard Battle” and “Resource Battle” are also installed,

 Let’s enjoy the game with your own play style~

(4) Enjoy camping  

A wide variety of sub-contents such as fishing, cooking, rabbit hunting, fashion shows, fate choices, fortune telling, etc.!

Even if you get tired of game strategy, you can enjoy other content without getting bored!

The above was the introduction of the content. This game can be enjoyed by both those who are looking for a little time killing time or those who are looking for a full-fledged RPG! Please try it once!

With a rich game system with unique characters, let’s start a new adventure with “Tale of the Clock” this fall!
Download link is here


Game Name: Watch Story: Reset

Price: Free-to-play (in-game purchase)

Release Date: 10/17/2023

Genre : Idle adventure RPG

Official Website:

Official Twitter: @TKMG_RESET


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