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“Hobby Stationery Box” June 2023 issue special issue / “Stationery Magazine 2023” cover

“Stationery Magazine” was published once a year from 2005 ~ 2014 as a collection of casual and functional stationery that can be used everyday. And in May 2023, it will be republished for the first time in about 9 years. With the keyword “interesting and informative”, we will introduce easy-to-obtain and high-quality stationery currently in circulation in Japan.

Editing and production is handled by the editorial department of “Hobby Stationery Box”, which has been publishing to stationery enthusiasts since its inception in 2004.

Introducing long-selling and new standard stationery at once. Over 2200 items!
Ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils, fountain pens, notebooks, system notebooks, scissors, staplers, etc. were carefully selected in each category. The number of items exceeds 2200. In order for the younger generation to enjoy it, we have prepared a “Kihon” page in some categories, such as fountain pens and staplers.

There are also many color sample pages where you can compare pencils, gel ink ballpoint pens, colored pens, replacement wicks, etc.!
This time, we have set up many color sample pages for the main pencils, gel ink ballpoint pens, colored pens, replacement wicks, etc. available on the market. In addition to being used as a reference as a color sample book, you can also grasp the lineup of each company, and it is a permanent preservation version that is worth reading.

Limited edition stationery that you want when you travel
In addition to the pages that introduce stationery like a picture book by category, various planning pages are available. In the “Limited Edition Stationery You Want When Traveling” section, we list original stationery from museums, hotels, souvenir shops, and car shops all over the country. The hidden gem with elaborate design is likely to loosen the purse strings.

▼ Index

“Hobby Stationery Box” June 2023 Issue Special Issue / “Stationery Magazine 2023” Table of Contents

Types and characteristics of writing instruments
・Major pen manufacturers and brands
・ A selection of high-quality ballpoint pens
・Let’s start Caran d’Ache!
・Clear evolution of friction
・ Pleasure of gel ink 273 colors
・ D-type compatible royal road multi-pen
・Mastering D-type refills
・ Super rich number of colors! Colorful felt-tip pen
・Light line markers are the current trend
・ Unique shape unique pen that is active in notebook decoration
・ Now hot is Kurtoga Dive
・ Fascinating mechanical pencils full of analog feeling
・Sample book by hardness of mechanical pencil core
・Determine the hardness of the pencil lead
・ Story of a luxury pencil brand that adults want to use
・Make a difference with high-quality pencil sharpeners
・The 2mm core holder is a versatile pencil!
・ Metasil 2022→ 2023 smash hit hot work
・Quest for erasers
・ Carefully select the underlay and experience the finest writing taste
Get drunk on the precise scale of the ruler
・Schneider Cost-effective fountain pen and ballpoint pen
・Fountain pen kihon
・A must-see for fountain pen beginners! Large set of entry models
・ Choosing the first gold pen from the three major domestic manufacturers
・Rummy Safari × itoya Copper 01 fountain pen
・Colors by Ramie Safari
・ Transparent and beautiful writing instrument Introduction to glass pen
・Rediscovery of dipping pens
・Basic basis of fountain pen ink
・Fountain pen ink from a domestic fountain pen manufacturer
・ Limited stationery that you want when traveling
・ One book is less than 300 yen! Cost-effective binding notes
・ Gentle ring note that does not hurt your hands
・Comparison of good paper quality notes
・ Loose leaf at this time
・ I want to use notes at home or outside
・ Block memo that becomes an accent on the desk
・Let’s start a system organizer
・Ashford “Leather Refill Pad Colors by Rummy Safari”
・ Clipboard is the era of +α
・ Files to classify comfortably
・ Stationery carrying case that facilitates work
・ I asked famous stores in the east and west! Hot Selling & Featured Stationery 2023
・Cute and usable
・Introduction to using cutters
・Scissors are absolute pragmatism
・ glue continues to evolve
・ Stapler Kihon & 19 royal road models by type
・Carefully select high-performance tape cutters
・Masking tape with a wide range of variations
・ You can enjoy infinite fun, the stamp of the moment
・ I want to use “ethical stationery”
・Stationery recommended for left-handers

▼ Magazine Information
Magazine title: “Hobby Stationery Box” June 2023 issue special issue “Stationery Magazine 2023”
Release Date: 8 May, 2023
List price (tax included): ¥1,760
Publisher: Heritage Corporation

▼ What is a hobby stationery box?
A quarterly magazine that conveys the joy of writing by hand and the appeal of stationery as a writing tool. Good stationery and popular writing instruments are functional and analog, and have a charm cultivated in history. The diverse appeal of writing instruments is introduced to stationery fans of a wide range of generations, from young people to adults, and fountain pens and beautiful and functional stationery are introduced from the perspective of hobby and practical use. It is published four times a year (March, June, September, and December).
Official EC https://club-shumibun.com/collections/
Official article site http://shumibun.jp/
Official Twitter https://twitter.com/shumibun
Official Instagram https://www.instagram.com/shumibun/

▼ Contact
Heritage Corporation
Corporate Division (Public Relations)
162-0805 Yagicho Building, 43-17 Yagicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
03-3528-9790 (Weekdays 10am~5pm)

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