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Panasonic CF-MX5XFYQR Lets note MX Series Silver

¥ 277,385
[hybrid mobile: 2in1 PC & Tablet]
optical drive built-in, 12.5-inch which is also on the tablet.

■ 2in1 can also be used as a 12.5-inch large screen tablet
and the display is rotated 360 degrees, can also be used as a tablet. In addition, also comes with a stylus pen of tapering can be stored in the body.

■ built-in to all the body necessary interface
to lightweight and compact body, USB3.0 × 2, HDMI terminal, LAN connector, an external display connector, such as an SD slot, standard with the interface required for the business.

■ Let’s note unique sturdy body
and at the same time to realize the overwhelming weight reduction, also ensure robustness. 76cm drop test (bottom direction, during the operation), 30cm drop test (26 direction, during non-operation) and, it is Tafubodi to withstand 100kgf pressure test that assumes the pressure of a crowded train.

■ peace of mind and reliability of Japanese-made
commitment to the development and domestic production-house, high quality of the trust. Developed in-house from the parts, do all to the assembly from the underlying implementation in Kobe factory, to achieve high user satisfaction.

■ by the long drive
adoption of its own power-saving design and a high-capacity lithium-ion battery of about 12 hours, has been achieved for a long time drive compact.

Blu-ray drive built-in full-spec 2in1. LTE support
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