Partnered with teamLab, 5 store th OPENING CEREMONY anyway flashy!

As represented by the innovative and exciting interior, the "new shopping experience" concept, traditional boutiques and presentation scandal featuring NY Hatsudaka sensitivity select shop " Opening Ceremony (OPENING CEREMONY) ". This time, will the the five stores eyes "OPENING CEREMONY OSAKA" is open to the NU Chayamachi 2F. The greatest feature of this store, "digital", "Art", "a fusion to the theme of" Fashion " Team Lab (teamLab) entered into a partnership with". A total area of ​​760m², Mirror Cube / Sketch Wall / Impression Wall / teamLabCamera / such as teamLabHanger, was born from the high sensitivity of the high technology of the "Team Lab" and "Opening Ceremony", shops that can be experience the innovative digital content it has become. Partnered with teamLab, 5 store th OPENING CEREMONY anyway flashy! ¥ 8,900 + TAX Partnered with teamLab, 5 store th OPENING CEREMONY anyway flashy! ¥ 14,000 + TAX This memorable, to celebrate the shop will be the first landing Kansai, from <Opening Ceremony Japan Exclusive line (OPENING CEREMONY JAPAN EXCLUSIVE LINE)>, will be released a number of limited items. Partnered with teamLab, 5 store th OPENING CEREMONY anyway flashy! ¥ 22,000 + TAX Besides, from the actress and fashion model to represent the Japan Noriko Suwon collaboration line of "Kiko Mizuhara for OPENING CEREMONY", photographer Araki 惟氏 as a special collaboration, the Yoshikazu artists Koraboaitemu Yamagata of "writtenafterwards" preceding such as launch, anyway Topics is heaping! Partnered with teamLab, 5 store th OPENING CEREMONY anyway flashy! ¥ 5,000 + TAX In addition 10,000 yen in the first arrival to customers who purchased (excluding tax) or more, the original tote bag limit will be present. Because there is a limited number, Sorry. Simple, but is today's fashion industry that the concept of basic is raging, there is here is totally different energetic fashion with it. If you want to get Gila, it is set to Osaka. Text_Ryo Komuta OPENING CEREMONY OSAKA Address: Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Kita-ku, Chayamachi 10-12 NU Chayamachi 2F Phone: 06-6359-788 (August 30, scheduled to open)) Operating: 11:00 to 21:00 Irregular (NU Chaya pursuant to the town office hours, closed day) Www.Openingceremonyjapan.Com

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