Pentel, a new color like a fountain pen on the ballpoint pen “Energel” that can write well – Impress Watch

Penteru will release nine new colors of the gel ink ballpoint pen “Energel” as standard colors from October 18. In addition to the basic color, a dark color like a fountain pen and a slight color of black ink are added.

Energel is a quick-drying gel ink ballpoint pen released in ’01. By blending highly colored coloring materials and lubricants that are three times that of conventional gel inks, the ink has characteristics not found in conventional ballpoint pens, such as “smooth writing comfort”, “quick drying of handwriting”, and “deep and vivid handwriting”. In addition, in order to maximize the characteristics of the ink, the ball rotation resistance and ink flow path design have been optimized. Users have said that they can write better than usual when using Energel.

As for the new colors, 9 colors that were particularly popular from the “Limited 20 Colors” and “Limited Black Colors Collection” of the 20th anniversary project of the release of Energel in ’21 have been added as standard. In addition to the existing standard colors of black, red, and blue, green, orange, burgundy, blue-black, forest green, sepia, olive black, indigo black, and Bordeaux black will be added to make a total of 12 colors.

The three colors, olive black, indigo black, and bordeaux black, are based on black, and the design retains the quality of the Black Colors collection while also providing color distinction.

In addition, a limited number of seven sets of burgundy, blue black, forest green, sepia, olive black, indigo black, and Bordeaux black will be released in limited quantities, focusing on dark tones that are easy to use instead of black from among the new colors. It can also be used as a gift in a book-type case.

Five types of ball diameters are available in black, red, and blue (0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm, and 1.0mm), and the other two types are 0.5mm and 0.7mm. The price is 253 yen per bottle, and the Energel limited 7-color set 0.5mm and 0.7mm are 1,771 yen each, and the refill is 99 yen.

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