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Pigment ink for fountain pens that can “mix colors” “Bottle ink for fountain pens STORiA MiX” –PR TIMES

■ “Bottle ink for fountain pens STORiA MiX”
A fountain pen pigment ink that can be “mixed”.
You can now enjoy the color mixing of pigment ink, which was not possible with STORiA so far.
Furthermore, if you use a special dilute solution, the range of “light and bright” ink mixing can be expanded. It is the release of all 8 colors + exclusive thin liquid that you can make your own original color ink and enjoy fountain pens.

[Color lineup]


● Features of pigment ink
Pigment ink is resistant to water and does not easily bleed.
It has the feature that it is difficult to strike through.


● What are pigment ink and dye ink?
Pigment ink with clear handwriting
Dye ink gives a bright and transparent handwriting.


Convenient for mixing STORiA MiX
Kits are also sold in limited quantities.

● Color mixing method

We recommend that you use your own tools other than the ink used for color mixing, or use the “Storia Mix Color Mixing Kit”.

[Product specifications]

Product name: Fountain pen bottle ink STORiA MiX Pigment 20ml
Suggested retail price: 1,650 yen (main unit price 1,500 yen)
Ink: water-based pigment
Capacity: 20 ml
Body size: W34 x D34 x H58mm, 94g
Package: Paper box 37.5 x 37.5 x 61 mm, 100 g

Product name: STORiA MiX dedicated thin liquid 20ml
Suggested retail price: 1,100 yen (main unit price 1,000 yen)
Capacity: 20 ml
Body size: W34 x D34 x H58mm, 94g
Package: Paper box 37.5 x 37.5 x 61 mm, 98 g

Product name: STORiA MiX Color mixing kit
Suggested retail price: 1,100 yen (main unit price 1,000 yen)
Body size: W80 x D35 x H155mm, 61g
Set contents: 1 empty ink bottle 10ml, 3 droppers,
3 muddlers, 1 mini cup

[Contact for inquiries regarding product handling]
User service: 0120-191-167 (toll free number)
that’s all

You can buy Luxury Brand Watches safely and ship securely through Personal Shopper Japan buying service.

Please let us know which item do you need, then we can send you the quote and you can start the secured shopping.

Customer Reviews

Great service (3)

I am a first time customer and I will definitely return again if I ever need PSJ’s assistance to purchase …

Fast and reliable (3)

There are many neat stuff sold in Japan that are not sold elsewhere in the world. Just tell Ninja J …

Excellent as Promised!

Professional service end to end. No matter where you are the Ninjas got your back; they are definitely your go …


Accurate and efficient . Professional customer service . Definitely will order again 。 …

Klasse Service

Das war das erste Mal, dass ich einen solchen Einkaufsservice in Anspruch nahm. Meine Anfrage wurde schnell beantwortet und die …


Несколько раз пользовался услугами Ninja J.
Каждый раз остаюсь очень доволен уровнем сервиса – отвечают, находят необхомые вещи и отправляют …

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