Platinum Fountain Pen, Fountain Pen “#3776 Century “Scale Cloud” Released in Limited Quantities – Japan Economic Newspaper

Announcement date:2023/07/18

#3776 A new series of Century fountain pens themed around Mt. Fuji begins.

Fujiunkei series “Scale Cloud” appeared!

First work #3776 Century “Scale Cloud”

Platinum Fountain Pen Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Tokyo, President: Toshiya Nakata) has created the Fuji Five Lakes Series (2011-2016) to commemorate the launch of #3776 Century, which prevents ink from drying out, and the Fuji Shunkage Series (2017-2021), which expresses seasonal scenes woven by Fuji on the body with skillful cutting technology. And in 2023, a new third series “Fuji Unkei” will appear. Inspired by the beautiful scenery created by the collaboration between Mt. Fuji and the clouds swimming around it, the series was named “Fuji Unkei” based on the concept of expressing that image using various decoration methods. And as the first work in the commemorative Fuji Cloud Scenery series, we will release “Scale Cloud”.

・ #3776 First bi-color in the Century series (two different colors are used for cap and body).

・ In order to express the dark blue-gray chic cap that expresses the mountain surface of Fuji dyed in the season and time, and the atmosphere of scale clouds, the body is deliberately cut with an irregular pattern instead of the regular pattern seen in the previous Fuji Shunkei series. The contrast with the clear body with detailed cutting decoration is attractive.

・ Decoration: Engraved with serial number. The inside of the dome is equipped with the familiar Mt. Fuji nut from the Fuji series.

Cap ring: Beautiful engraved finish with shadows.

・Equipped with a slip seal mechanism: Prevents ink from drying for about 2 years, allowing you to write smoothly at any time.

■Fuji Unkei Series #3776 Century “Scale Clouds” Limited to 3,000 pieces worldwide

●Release Date : July 25, 2023

●Part No. : PNB-40000FU ♯55 Scale Spider 

●Price: 44,000 yen (tax included)

●Product Specifications

・ Body, sheath, grip, top decoration, tail decoration: (AS resin)

・ Grip ring, gold ring, heavenly ring, tail ring: (brass with rhodium finish)

・ Clip: (rhodium finish)

・ Pen tip: (14K gold pen with rhodium finish)

– Pen tip: 14K large pen (ultra-fine, fine, medium)

– Size : Total length 139.5mm× maximum diameter 15.4mm, standard weight 20.8g

– Accessories :

・Special color bottle ink “Red Fuji” 20ml

・ Cartridge ink (blue-black) 1 bottle


・Exclusive package

* Please refer to the attached release below.

Please refer to the “Related Materials” in the release text from this URL.

Attached Release

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