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PLUS Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Tadahisa Imaizumi, hereinafter referred to as “Plus”) and Sailor Fountain Pen Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Katsuya Machi, hereinafter referred to as “Sailor Fountain Pen”) will release a limited number of “Ka Kurie Premium Cross ×Professional Gear Slim Hatsuyuki Limited Set,” which includes a notebook, fountain pen, and bottle ink under the theme of “first snow,” on December 7, 2023.

The theme of the seventh collaboration project is “First Snow”. In the notebook, a sparkling snowflake is expressed with silver foil stamping. The fountain pen is designed with fine silver glitter and a snowflake pattern inspired by the first snow on the entire clear white body, which is reminiscent of the shimmer of snow illuminated by light. The 14-karat gold nib and lid stopper are also decorated with a one-point snowflake pattern. In addition, the ink color is newly toned ice gray, which is inspired by the first snow. The gift box is also a pale color reminiscent of the first snow. It is a fragile and fantastic stationery set that allows you to feel the beauty of the winter scenery with the first snow and the warm happiness that is gorgeous in the snowfall.

It is recommended for fountain pen lovers, as a reward for yourself, and as a gift for your loved ones. Limited quantity sales, manufacturer’s suggested retail price (tax included) is 35,200 yen.

≪ main product features≫

■ Set of 3 items with the theme of “first snow”

・ “Ca.Crea Premium Cross” (Plus)
It is an A4 × 1/3 size notebook that fits neatly on A4 paper folded in three. The cover is made of durable paper cloth. The inner paper is a cream color that is easy on the eyes, and the ink of the fountain pen does not slip through or transfer to the back, and it is made of high-quality paper that is comfortable to write on. It is thread-bound and opens firmly.

“Professional Gear Slim” (Sailor Fountain Pen)
A slim fountain pen with a thin body and a lightweight body that is easy for women to handle, sticking to writing comfort and originality. The 14-karat gold nib is elastic, and it is easy to inflection the line width by pen pressure, and you can write smoothly.
In addition, the nib is available in three different character widths: ultra-fine (EF), medium-fine (MF), and bold (B).

・ “Dye bottle ink” (sailor fountain pen)
It is a limited edition ice gray that has been newly toned with the image of the first snow. It is a blue-gray color that makes you feel the light first snow, and you can enjoy the beautiful color and shades of color on the cream-colored inner paper of the notebook. In addition, the label is designed with the image of the first snow and is decorated with silver foil stamping. It is easy to use up and comes in a cute 20ml mini bottle.

[Product name]
“Ka Kurie Premium Cross × Professional Gear Slim First Snow Limited Set”

【Release Date】
December 7, 2023

[Package size]
W 120mm×D 230mm×H 50mm

[Sales route]
Sailor Shop, Amazon, LOHACO, stationery stores, specialty stores, etc.

[Set contents and price]
First Snow Limited Set
[品 目・セット数]
“Ca.Crea Premium Cross Snowflake Foil Stamping” 1 volume
“Professional Gear Slim Fountain Pen Clear White” 1 piece
“Dye Bottle Ink Ice Gray” 1 piece

Ultra-fine print (EF) 10-8827-110
Medium Fine Print (MF) 10-8827-310
Bold (B) 10-8827-610

35,200 yen (32,000 yen excluding tax)

“Ca.Crea Premium Cross” limited snowflake foil stamping design

Number of sheets: 56 sheets Thread binding

Cover: Matte White
Inner paper: Cream color

“Professional Gear Slim Fountain Pen”
・ Shaft color limited color
(Built-in converter)
* Cartridge / converter type

・ Nib: 14 karat gold
・Character width: Extra fine (EF) / Medium fine (MF) / Bold (B)
・Length: Approx. 124mm (when stored) / Approx. 142mm (when writing)
・Maximum body shaft diameter: Approx. 17mmφ
・Cap diameter: Approx. 15mmφ (excluding clip)
・Weight: about 16. 8g

Clear White

“Dye Bottle Ink” limited color


Ice Grey

● About cleaning with disinfectant containing alcohol components

■ A limited version of the fountain pen and stationery gift specialty store “Ancora” will also be released at the same time.
ANCORA (, a fountain pen and stationery gift shop jointly operated by Plus and Sailor Fountain Pen, will simultaneously release a limited number of Ancora-limited versions of the Hatsuyuki Set. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (tax included) is 35,200 yen.

The Ancora limited edition version has a foil stamping on the notebook and the metal parts of the fountain pen and the snowflake pattern in gold color, giving it a fragile and elegant finish. In addition, the nib is available in five different character widths: ultra-fine (EF), fine (F), medium fine (MF), medium (M), and bold (B). It is perfect not only for everyday use, but also as a winter gift.
In addition to the Ginza main store, it will be sold at the official online shop.

◆ What is the “PLUS× Sailor Fountain Pen Collaboration Project”?
In February 2019, as the first step, the “Ka Creator Premium Cross × Profit Junior Limited Set” was released, which features three different colors, “Navy,” “Pink,” and “Purple,” with motifs that evoke the Japan of “Mt. Fuji,” “Cherry Blossoms,” and “Origami Cranes,” respectively. In September of the same year, the second design was released in the colors of “black”, “red”, and “ivory” with the pets “cat”, “goldfish” and “dog” familiar to Japan. In March 2020, “cherry blossoms” symbolize spring in Japan, and in March 2021, “night cherry blossoms”. In December 2022, a set with the theme of “starry sky” will be released. It has been very popular, especially among fountain pen lovers.
* Some sales have ended.

*The information contained in this press release is current as of the date of publication. Please note that it is subject to change without notice.

< Contact>
(Press Relations)
PLUS Co., Ltd. Corporate Headquarters, Public Relations & Publicity Office, Fujiwara
〒105-0001 4-1-28 Toranomon, Minato-ku Toranomon Towers Office 12F
TEL:03-5860-7012  FAX:03-5860-7070
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Sailor Fountain Pen Co., Ltd. Development Headquarters Kimura
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Plus Contact Center TEL:0120-000-007
Reception hours: Weekdays 9:00~12:00 / 13:00~17:30
* There is a possibility that the reception hours will be changed to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.
Yes. Please check the official website for the latest information.

Sailor Fountain Pen User Service TEL:0120-191-167
Reception hours: Weekdays 10:00~12:00 / 13:00~15:00

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