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Nowadays, counterfeit jewelry is common, and it is hard to distinguish them from the real ones. However, as fake jewelry is not made up to a specific standard, buying fake jewelry can cost you more money in the long run. For this reason, you must know what jewelry is real and what is counterfeited. Proxy Shopping Japan

Moreover, as there are numerous online jewelry stores. You need to find the right jewelry store. This can help you buy stuff from Japan. Fake stores can cause you to have fake items. It is because most online stores are unauthentic and scam people.  Hence, if you knew how you could differentiate between real and fake jewelry, you would buy stuff from Japan. Also, you can get an authentic piece of jewelry that would not wear off or crack.

Today, we will discuss tips about how you can differentiate between fake and real jewelry.

How to differentiate between real and fake jewelry: Top tips to follow

Some of the tips which can help you buy stuff from Japan and distinguish between original luxury jewelry and fake items are specified below.

Check the recommended retail price.

Most of the time, fake pieces of jewelry look like brand generic jewelry and are being sold at a very low price than the original one. All this tempts people to buy them as soon as possible without even properly checking them. However, after buying, they soon realize that they had been scammed. So, to avoid this, always make sure to check recommended retail price.

If your instinct tells you that the jewelry you are considering buying cannot be that much inexpensive, it is better to check the RRP. Checking the RRP would help you identify whether the piece of jewelry you are considering buying is fake or original.

If you are ordering from Japan, then you can also check the recommended retail price. Make sure to contact an authentic Japan shopping service. This can help you to be safe while ordering from Japan.

Check the hallmarks

One of the most crucial tips to follow to differentiate between original luxurious jewelry and fake jewelry is to check the hallmarks. All original and authentic piece of jewelry has some sort of hallmarks. So, checking is them is important. You can use this while availing yourself of the Japan shopping service for jewelry as well. Japan shopping service allows ordering from Japan while checking the hallmarks.

Moreover, hallmarks also specify the metal purity of jewelry, and each metal has a different hallmark. Hence, before checking the hallmarks, you must know which metals have which type of hallmarks. Otherwise, you can be fiddled.

To know about different hallmarks, you may go to the internet and then later compare the hallmarks listed on the internet with the piece of jewelry you are considering buying. Hallmarks also tell you the country of origin and the designer of your jewelry. Every piece of jewelry has different regions where these hallmarks are embedded. So, make sure to thoroughly investigate your jewelry.

Magnet test

Pure gold and silver-based jewelry do not attract magnets, nor they are magnetized. So, another thing you can do to test the authenticity of the jewelry you are considering buying is to place a magnet near your jewelry. If the jewelry sticks to the magnet or attracts the magnet in its direction, it is fake.

Many jewelry sellers tend to claim that the jewelry they are selling is pure gold, when in fact, the jewelry is just gold plated. Hence, to avoid buying forged gold-based jewelry, conducting a magnet test is one of the simplest and convenient ways of differentiating real jewelry from fake ones.

Wearing and weight

Another tip that you can follow to differentiate between authentic luxurious jewelry and counterfeited jewelry is to look at the wearing weight. Many original luxurious pieces of jewelry, including gold or platinum jewelry, does not wear down easily. But, if they do, the parts where you tend to notice them wearing down do not change their color.

For example, the parts of gold jewelry where there is wear down would remain gold. Keep in mind that different metals have different wearing down.

Another thing that you can do to verify that the jewelry is fake or not is to feel the weight of the jewelry. Pure jewelry is often heavy and consistent. So, if the jewelry you are considering buying is lightweight, then it is probably fake. However, the weight test is not always right as there are metals that are heavier by nature.

Check the stones

Another one of the most effective tips to follow to differentiate between original and luxury jewelry is to check the physical appearance of the stones embedded in your jewelry. For example, as diamonds are formed under high pressure, they naturally have some blemishes. So, if the jewelry you are considering buying contains a diamond. And those diamonds do not have any blemishes; then it is a fake piece of jewelry.

Other than that, nearly all real and authentic gemstones have some sorts of speckles, which you can observe under a microscope. Hence, checking the physical appearance of the stones is an ideal way of avoiding buying counterfeited jewelry. Proxy Shopping Japan

Turn to an expert

As mentioned earlier, there is numerous fake jewelry that resembles the real one. You must consult an expert. Jewelry experts have numerous tools and tests which would help you to know whether your jewelry is real or not.

Hence, if you have numerous jewelry pieces and you are not sure whether they are real or not, it is better to consult an expert.

Chalk test

Another test that you can do to verify that your jewelry is real or not is to conduct a chalk test. However, this test is only for silver jewelry, and not for other metals. To do this test, rub chalk all over your silver jewelry. If your silver jewelry were real, it would begin to dark. Hence, the chalk test is another way of differentiating between original luxury jewelry and fake jewelry. Proxy Shopping Japan.


The above-specified are the top tips you can follow to differentiate between real and fake jewelry. Moreover, if you want to buy brand generic and authentic luxurious jewelry and other luxurious goods, make sure to visit

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