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Range Rover SV Bespoke Balmoral Edition

Range Rover SV Bespoke Balmoral Editionmagnification

On June 20, 2024, Jaguar Land Rover Japan unveiled the SV Bespoke Balmoral Edition, a limited-edition version of its Range Rover premium SUV. On the same day, the company began accepting orders.

◆ Introducing the detailed appearance of “Range Rover SV Bespoke Balmoral Edition” with photos (45 photos)

Range Rover SV Bespoke Balmoral Edition (left) and SV Bespoke 1858 Edition (right).

Range Rover SV Bespoke Balmoral Edition (left) and SV Bespoke 1858 Edition (right).magnification

A modern interpretation of the body color of the first generation Range Rover

The Range Rover SV Bespoke Balmoral Edition is a limited edition model exclusively for Japan, featuring an interior and exterior that “expresses the connection between Japan culture and the UK.” The name Balmoral is derived from Balmoral Castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, owned by the British royal family.

It is a special model for Japan using the personalization program “SV BESPOKE Service” introduced in 2023, and it took 12 months to develop in collaboration with the SV design team in the UK.

The base model is the SV P615 SWB with a standard wheelbase powered by a 4.4-liter turbocharged V8 engine with a maximum output of 615 PS. A major feature is the body color “Bespoke Green”, which is a modern reinterpretation of the body color “Balmoral Green” of the first generation Range Rover sold in the 1980s and developed exclusively for this car. It is characterized by a luxurious texture and bright transparency, and the combination of the “bespoke gray” roof, mirror covers, and aluminum wheel inserts expresses a discreet personality that is not too glamorous.

On the other hand, in the interior, “Ultrafabrics”, which has an excellent texture and emits less CO2 in the manufacturing process than leather, is used in various places. The interior color is the “Cynder Gray Interior” used for the “SV Bespoke 1858 Edition” announced at the same time, but the front seats are light cloud and the rear seats are Cinder gray. In addition, the satin white ceramic trim finisher, which is not available on the base model, has been combined to create a cleaner and brighter atmosphere. In addition, the shoulder part of the seat is embroidered with an original design inspired by the pattern of Japan kimono, as in the 1858 edition.

The price is 38.66 million yen. Only five units were sold, and the tread plate was marked with the words “1 OF 5” for the number of units produced, along with “SV BESPOKE BALMORAL EDITION” for the name of the car.


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